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The high price orca mothers pay to feed their sons

Media mentioned a UBC study which found that the southern resident killer whales have not had enough food since 2018.
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How hunting deer became a battle cry in conservation

Media featured forestry professor Dr. Tara Martin and her research on the effects of overbrowsing of deer on various islands in the Salish Sea.
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Paxlovid still offers high-risk COVID-19 patients protection against hospital admissions, study says

The Therapeutics Initiative at UBC found that Paxlovid doesn’t appear to have any benefits when taken by lower-risk people.
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Cloud cover won't be enough to stop coral bleaching, says UBC researcher

A study led by geography researcher Dr. Pedro González-Espinosa (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries) found that while cloud cover offers coral reefs some protection from excess heat, it won’t be enough to stave off mass bleaching.
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Chemicals associated with toilet paper production found in endangered killer whales

Researchers from Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries found a toxic chemical associated with toilet paper production in B.C.’s orcas.
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Jupiter reclaims title of planet with the most moons

Physics and astronomy professor Dr. Brett Gladman commented on detecting moons around planets.
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A global pandemic treaty; communication vulnerabilities; and talking to the animals

UBCO nursing professor Dr. Katrina Plamondon discussed whether the world will have a universal pandemic treaty. In the same podcast, geography professor Dr. Karen Bakker spoke about whether technology could one day allow us to talk with animals.
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What experts say you should know about ovarian cancer

Obstetrics and gynaecology Dr. Gillian Hanley discussed what one should know about ovarian cancer.

Pathaan's box-office success is both redefining Bollywood, and saving it

Asian studies professor Dr. Sunera Thobani explained that the success of a new Bollywood movie, Pathaan, could indicate a shifting mood in Bollywood’s primary audience.

COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy helps protect newborns, Canadian study suggests

Obstetrics and gynaecology professor Dr. Deborah Money commented on a study which found that COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy helps protect newborns.
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Online romance scammers may have a new wingman — artificial intelligence

Computer science professor Dr. Jeff Clune said that technological advancements in artificial intelligence create the potential to fuel romance scams.
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Turkiye-Syria earthquake: Here's why B.C.'s elite rescue team remains grounded

Dr. Michael Hooper (school of community and regional planning) gave comments on why Canada has not deployed its Canada Task Force 1, a heavy urban search-and-rescue team, to help with the aftermath of the Turkiye-Syria earthquake.
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Spy balloon shoot downs: UFO danger is mostly in rising political tensions, says B.C. expert

Political science professor of teaching Dr. Allen Sens commented on the geopolitical impacts of the presence of unidentified flying objects near and within Canadian borders.
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Turkey earthquake: Why did so many buildings collapse despite new standards?

Civil engineering professor Dr. Tony Yang discussed the goal of earthquake-resilient building codes.
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Chinese immigrants look to digital Chinatowns to find love online

Sociology professor Dr. Yue Qian and PhD student Manlin Cai discussed their research which looks at how Chinese immigrants in Canada are turning to online communities hoping to find love.
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UBC hosts both men's and women's basketball national finals in 2025

UBC will host the U-SPORTS men’s and women’s national basketball championships in 2025.
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