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Deforestation piles pressure on South America’s elusive Chacoan peccary

Anthropology professor Dr. Gastón Gordillo gave comments on the potential future of the Gran Chaco region.
The Guardian via Yahoo (UK)

At least 3 B.C. homes listed for sale without homeowners' knowledge amid surge in title fraud in Ontario

Dr. Douglas Harris (Peter A. Allard School of Law) said while the current principal safeguard against title fraud is for legal professionals to check identification, the title registry system works to protect the transaction, rather than the individual.

Do we have less than 10 years to address climate change?

Geography professor Dr. Simon Donner (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries; Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability) discussed the use of artificial intelligence to predict the future of Earth’s climate.
CKNW Mornings with Simi

Decriminalization of hard drugs in B.C.

Professor Benjamin Perrin (Peter A. Allard School of Law) discussed the effect decriminalization of hard drugs will have on B.C.’s criminal justice system.
CKNW Mornings with Simi

Green comet flying by Earth

Physics and astronomy professor Dr. Jeremy Heyl gave comments on the green-coloured comet that won’t be visible again on Earth for another 50,000 years.

Peru’s precarious democracy is a cautionary tale of electoral denialism

Political science professor Dr. Maxwell Cameron (school of public policy and global affairs) argued that Peru offers a cautionary tale of the dangers of extreme polarization and electoral denialism.
Globe and Mail

Meet the man who has transformed our understanding of evolution

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded zoology professor Dr. Dolph Schluter with the Crafoord Prize for his work on the mechanics of evolution.

Rugby player returns shirt

Mark Gibbs, a Welsh rugby player, returned a yellow Thunderbirds T-shirt to the UBC Bookstore after 42 years of ownership.
CBC As It Happens (52:11 mark)