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Breathing exhaust fumes ‘impairs human brains within two hours’

UBC medicine and the University of Victoria researchers led a study which found that exposure to traffic pollution is leading to a decrease in the brain’s functional connectivity.
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How a Canadian scientist is using yeast to help protect future astronauts from cosmic radiation

Researchers led by pharmaceutical sciences professor Dr. Corey Nislow are studying the effects of near-zero gravity and cosmic rays on living organisms, specifically yeast and algae.
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UBC study finds luxury homeowners in Vancouver pay less in income tax

A new study led by Dr. Thomas Davidoff (Sauder School of Business) has found owners of the most expensive properties in Vancouver are paying very little income tax.
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‘Nasty’ geometry breaks a decades-old tiling conjecture

Mathematics professor Dr. Izabella Łaba commented on forming aperiodic tiling patterns.

Deforestation piles pressure on South America’s elusive Chacoan peccary

Anthropology professor Dr. Gastón Gordillo commented on the potential future of the Gran Chaco region.
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Why is Japan planning to flush Fukushima wastewater into the ocean?

Dr. M.V. Ramana (school of public policy and global affairs) noted that any discharge of radioactive materials will increase the risk of cancer and other known health impacts to those who are exposed.
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Doomsday clock

UBCO world literatures professor Dr. Fancisco Peña discussed the significance of the Doomsday Clock moving forward to 90 seconds to midnight.
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Rare 'green comet' to pass

Physics and astronomy professor Dr. Jeremy Heyl noted the possibility of seeing the Green Comet.
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More outdoor defibrillator stations needed if lives are to be saved: experts

Medicine researchers Drs. Jim Christenson, Chris Fordyce and Brian Grunau discussed the need for more outdoor automatic external defibrillators, and more people be trained how to use them and perform CPR.
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Drug decriminalization takes effect in B.C. this week — here's what you need to know

Medicine professor Dr. Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes (school of population and public health) questioned the 2.5-grams hard drugs threshold because it will likely disadvantage addicts who use repeatedly during the day.
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LNG Canada trying to bully governments into subsidizing emissions reductions

Political science professor Dr. Kathryn Harrison co-wrote about why LNG Canada’s investment decision must be predicated on policies to meet our climate goals, without public subsidies.
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Canadian who studies finches and fish wins one of science's top prizes

Zoology professor Dr. Dolph Schluter discussed being awarded the Crafoord Prize in Bioscience for his work on the origins of species.
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UBC Astronomy Club holds viewing party for rare 'green comet'

UBC Astronomy Club held a public viewing party for a green-coloured comet, not visible for 50,000 years.
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Port Coquitlam educator Carol Todd to moderate UBC talk about online safety

Carol Todd, a Port Coquitlam educator and expert on online safety and digital wellness, will moderate a talk next month at a UBC arts and education webinar.
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