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‘We discovered something completely new and amazing’

A study led by UBC botany researchers found that there’s a new branch on the tree of life and it’s made up of predators that nibble their prey to death.

'Exercise snack' could improve health of people living with Type-2 diabetes

A study led by UBCO health and exercise sciences professor Dr. Jonathan Little is exploring the idea of  “exercise snacks” to help improve the overall health of people living with Type-2 diabetes.
City News (Vancouver)

The ancient trees at the heart of a case against the Crown

Dr. Gordon Christie (Peter A. Allard School of Law) commented on Nuchatlaht First Nation’s land rights case.

Why does Lunar New Year change each year on western calendars?

Honorary professor Dr. Sun Kwok (department of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences) explained why the start of the Lunar New Year changes every year on the Gregorian calendar.
CBC On the Coast

The high costs of a health-care crisis in rural B.C.

Family practice professor and Centre for Rural Health Research co-director Dr. Jude Kornelsen explained that costs could add up for rural B.C. residents if their primary care provider is closed and they have to travel.

Curveball or game changer? ChatGPT, AI tools under watch on Canadian campuses

UBCO psychology professor Dr. Liane Gabora and UBC vice-provost and associate vice-president of teaching and learning Simon Bates discussed the use of artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT in education.
CBC via Yahoo

Layoffs aren’t the only problem plaguing Big Tech, as giants struggle to innovate

Dr. Werner Antweiler (Sauder School of Business) commented on why Big Tech is taking a less costly and less innovative approach to innovation.
Globe and Mail (subscription)

Vancouver highrise clusters not bad, but 'a bit cold'

Professor Patrick Condon (school of architecture and landscape architecture) noted that local politicians have embraced the planning model based on organizing high-density projects around rapid-transit stations.
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Climate experts say it could be an El Niño year. Here's what that means for B.C.

Dr. Rachel White (department of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences) said average temperatures will likely be slightly hotter in the second half of the year because of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation.
Postemedia via Vancouver SunThe ProvinceMSN

How will Whistler’s foreign homebuyer ban exemption impact the resort?

Dr. Thomas Davidoff (Sauder School of Business) noted the impact of the foreign-buyer tax in B.C.
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UBCO professor helps rein in Pony Cabaret

Castanet mentioned UBCO creative studies and creative writing professor Michael V. Smith’s help in bringing back Pony Cabaret.