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‘You don’t negotiate with these kinds of people’

UBCO psychology professor Dr. Leanne ten Brinke was quoted about her research on power and politics which focuses on the role of psychopathic personality traits.
New York Times

Stretched: How high grocery prices are forcing Canadians to adapt and get creative

Land and food systems lecturer Dr. Gerry Kasten discussed actions need to tackle the affordability crisis.

Why this Sask. drug outreach centre doesn't require abstinence to access its services

Medicine professor Dr. Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes (school of population and public health) noted that harm reduction is common in medicine.

B.C. educators concerned that students may be tempted to cheat through AI, ChatGPT

Computer science professor Dr. Vered Shwartz and UBCO psychology professor Dr. Liane Gabora discussed the use of artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT in education.
CTVCTV News Vancouver at 11:30 (12:01 mark)

Republicans, Democrats poised for battle as debt ceiling deadline looms Thursday

Political science professor Dr. Kristen Hopewell (school of public policy and global affairs) commented on the U.S. debate over the self-imposed limit on federal borrowing.
Welland Tribune

‘Significantly over capacity’: Island hospitals overwhelmed amid silence and data gaps

Evolutionary biologist Dr. Sarah Otto discussed gastrointestinal symptoms as a potential sign of COVID infection and the difference in how people view wearing face masks.
Capital Daily

Your eco-friendly choices may feel good, but they also play a role in political polarization

Sociology professor Dr. Emily Huddart Kennedy argued that when people narrow their definition of who cares about the environment to eco-friendly consumption, they exacerbate political polarization.
The Hill via The Good Men Project