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Raccoons get a reputation makeover

Forestry and zoology professor Dr. Sarah Benson-Amram discussed her research that is mapping raccoon social networks.
Wall Street Journal (subscription)

Kelp is disappearing from parts of the West Coast. These scientists are trying to save it

UBCO biology adjunct professor Dr. Christopher Neufeld discussed researching ways to save kelp and bull kelp forests in B.C.

Grocery costs to rise by up to seven per cent in 2023 as pandemic, Russia’s war fuel increase, report says

Canada’s Food Price Report co-written by UBC researchers found that the cost of groceries will increase by five per cent to seven per cent in 2023.
Globe and Mail (subscription), Global

Healthcare workers with psychopathic tendencies less willing to help patients in pain: UBCO study

A study led by UBCO pscyhology postdoctoral fellow Dr. Kimberley Kaseweter found that doctors with psychopathic tendencies are less willing to treat patients who are in pain.
Kelowna Capital News

Canada and China prepare to open COP15 biodiversity summit despite rifts

Political science professor Dr. Kathryn Harrison discussed the politics of climate policy conferences, such as COP15.
The Guardian

Herschel Walker's Georgia runoff hopes just got bleaker

Political science professor Dr. Paul Quirk gave comments on the U.S. Senate runoff election in Georgia.

'Emotionally, it was very hard': Parents from rural B.C. community share challenges relocating to give birth

Family practice professor Dr. Jude Kornelsen noted that giving birth locally is vital for a baby’s health.

Canada rethinks its relationship with China

Adjunct professor Vina Nadjibulla (school of public policy and global affairs) discussed the government’s new $2.2-billion Indo-Pacific strategy that is redefining Canada’s relationship with China.
CBC The House (podcastdigital)

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Linguistics adjunct professor Nigel Howard said there needs to be a big shift in education and healthcare for the deaf community.

Danielle Smith’s sovereignty act eats at our trust in democracy. Why aren’t Conservatives calling her out?

UBCO political science professor Dr. Geoffrey Sigalet commented on Alberta’s proposed sovereignty act.
Toronto Star via Hamilton Spectator (subscription)

How Canada can fix its ‘predatory’ relationship with international students

Educational studies PhD student Lisa Brunner commented on support systems for international students.
Toronto Star via St. Catharines Standard (subscription)

Electric vehicle batteries keep their charge while idling in traffic jams, so ‘(s)no worries’

Mechanical engineering professor Dr. Walter Merida said EV drivers need to be as prepared as any other driver by dressing for the weather to start with.
Postmedia via Vancouver SunThe Province

Governments are subsidizing the destruction of nature even as they promise to protect it

Geography professor Dr. Jessica Dempsey said that the federal government’s plan to significantly invest in mining could have consequences for biodiversity.
The Narwhal

Emergencies Act hearings end with final words on transparency, accountability

Professor Hoi Kong (Peter A. Allard School of Law) suggested requiring the federal government to convey a general understanding of the legal basis for declaring a state of emergency.
Prince George Now

Why there isn’t one ‘right way’ to practise ungrading

UBCO computer science, data science and physics professor Dr. Firas Moosvi co-wrote about de-emphasizing grades in pedagogy.
Times Higher Education

UBC and SFU football teams revive historic rivalry with first Shrum Bowl in more than a decade

UBC and SFU football teams revived the Shrum Bowl after 12 years.
CBC, Postmedia via Vancouver SunThe Province

UBC Okanagan to host forum on healthy aging

UBCO is hosting a forum on helping keep people healthy as they grow older.