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Dealing with a breakup? UBC study looks at healthy ways to cope

A study by nursing professor Dr. John Oliffe (Men’s Health Research Program) explained how men can find healthy ways to recover from a partner-initiated breakup.
City News (Calgary) 

One out of every five assessed species found to be at risk in Canada

Botany professor Dr. Jeannette Whitton and UBCO wildlife ecology postdoctoral fellow Dr. Clayton Lamb discussed a new report on biodiversity in Canada which found that thousands of wild species are at risk of being wiped out.
Dr. Whitton: CBC
Dr. Lamb: Globe and Mail

What are trees saying to each other about climate change?

Forestry professor Dr. Suzanne Simard and Dr. Teresa (Sm’hayetsk) Ryan discussed how trees talk to each other.
CBC Planet Wonder

Conversations with fire safety engineering specialist Felix Wiesner

Forestry professor Dr. Felix Wiesner discussed fire safety engineering in mass timber.
CBC North by Northwest (00:52 mark)

B.C. hospital increasing surgical capacity for gynecological cancers in response to long waiting times

Gynaecologic oncology clinical professor Dr. Sarah Finlayson discussed making changes to improve surgical capacity and wait time for gynecological cancer patients.
Globe and Mail

Surprise, Danielle Smith's sovereignty act is very likely constitutional

UBCO political science professor Dr. Geoffrey Sigalet commented on whether Alberta’s proposed Sovereignty Act is constitutional.
National Post

‘It was transformative’: Nelson residents reflect on attending COP27

Electrical and computer engineering graduate student Gideon Berry discussed their experience at COP27.
Black Press via Today in BCNelson StarSaanich NewsTerrace StandardVictoria NewsPeace Arch NewsMaple Ridge-Pitt News

The comic ingenuity of Chinese protesters

Asian studies professor Dr. Christopher Rea co-wrote about how Chinese humour has a rich and varied history of feeding on political folly and its consequences.

Canada must redouble its commitment to AIDS treatment

Medicine professor Dr. Julio Montaner wrote an opinion piece calling on Canada to redouble its commitment to AIDS treatment.
Globe and Mail

What type of environmentalist are you?

Dr. Emily Huddart Kennedy argued that instead of judging a person’s behaviours or attitudes about environmental issues, we can become curious about why they believe or act as they do.
Toronto Star

On World AIDS Day, Canada must lead the way in combating HIV-AIDS

Medicine professor Dr. Julio Montaner and Dr. Viviane Dias Lima argued that Canada must lead the way in combating HIV-AIDS.
The Conversation

Reduced daycare fees are good, but B.C. needs to be more family-friendly

Professor Erez Aloni (Peter A. Allard School of Law) co-wrote about the need for B.C. to be family-friendly by advancing a family-friendly agenda that begins with parental leave, child care and housing.
Vancouver Sun

UBC outlines Vancouver campus expansion and 24,000 more residents

UBC is set to grow and densify substantially over the next 30 years with its Campus Vision 2050 project.
Daily Hive