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Movember is coming to a close, but the conversation doesn't need to end

City News mentioned a new research led by psychotherapy professor Dr. John Ogrodniczuk (Men’s HealthResearch Program) which found that nearly half of Canadian men are at risk of depression.
City News (Vancouver)

UBCO study tracking travel through COVID needs your help

A study led by UBCO civil engineering professor Dr. Mahmudur Fatmi is looking into how travel patterns changed through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is our universe a hologram? Physicists debate famous idea on its 25th anniversary

Physics and astronomy professor Dr. Mark Van Raamsdonk discussed imaginary spacetime called anti–de Sitter space and fields in the absence of gravity, called a conformal field theory.
Scientific American

Egypt's tolerance to climate change saves 'coral worldwide'

Geography professor Dr. Simon Donner (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries; Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability) noted the signs of damage to corals in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Insiders warn of crunch coming for Calgary rental market. Prices expected to go even higher

Dr. Thomas Davidoff (Sauder School of Business) discussed what motivates landlords to raise rent.

Justice Minister David Lametti under fire for ‘unbelievable’ comparisons between euthanasia and suicide

Psychiatry professor emeritus Dr. Derryck Smith weighed in on Justice Minister David Lametti’s comments on medical assistance in dying.
Toronto Star

How to spend a resource sector financial windfall

Dr. Kin Lo (Sauder School of Business) noted that recent resource company windfalls need to be weighed against the fact that commodities are cyclical.
Business in Vancouver

To fight the climate crisis, we need to stop expanding offshore drilling for oil and gas

Postdoctoral fellow Dr. Daniel Skerritt (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries) argued that a critical step towards reducing global emissions is to halt the expansion of offshore oil and gas extraction, while ramping down future production.
The Conversation via YahooNational PostWinnipeg Free Press (subscription)

Optimism in Ocean: climate solutions leader sees green future in blue tech

UBC lead climate venture studio and entrepreneur in residence Shannon Bard discussed her work supporting startups amidst a shift from “dirty” to “clean” industry and a transition from an exploitative approach to a regenerative one.
Douglas Magazine