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Canada was poised to be a leader in clinical cannabis trials. Four years in, bureaucratic red tape continues to smother progress

The Globe and Mail mentioned emergency medicine professor Dr. Jeff Brubacher’s research which found that the number of injured drivers arriving in hospital emergency rooms with THC levels above the legal driving limit more than doubled from 2013 to 2020.
Globe and Mail

Is China a victim or a conqueror? Historian Timothy Brook on the past and future of the ‘Great State’

History professor emeritus Dr. Timothy Brook discussed his new book, Great State: China and the World, which covers the history and future of China as a global power.
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AI may help authorities track ‘ghost’ fishing boats

Dr. Rashid Sumaila (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries; school of public policy and global affairs) commented on a study which found that artificial intelligence can help detect boats conducting suspicious activities.

Scientists increasingly can’t explain how AI works

Computer science professor Dr. Jeff Clune explained the risks associated with trusting AI systems too much.

Could Biden and McConnell form alliance as MAGA candidates swamp congress?

Political science professor Dr. Paul Quirk commented on a possible alliance between U.S. president Joe Biden and senate minority leader Mitch McConnell.

Why it's so hard to decide whether nuclear power is a good idea for the climate

Physicist Dr. M.V. Ramana (school of public policy and global affairs) said nuclear power will remain expensive and that business is only interested because it knows governments will pay the bills.

Ontario’s provincial government says it will use the notwithstanding clause to override the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and prevent a strike among education workers

Peter A. Allard School of Law professor Margot Young discussed the Ontario government’s decision to use the notwithstanding clause to stop the ability of education workers to go on strike.
CBC The Current (12:15 mark)

Looking ahead to UN climate conference COP27

Political science professor Dr. Kathryn Harrison explained the need for governments around the world to invest a lot more in climate change adaptation.
CBC The Current (34:41 mark)

B.C. Liberals calling for PST cut on used vehicle

UBCO economics professor Dr. Ross Hickey said that cutting the PST on lower-end used vehicles would not be the best tax policy or do much to address the cost of living.

B.C.'s new payment model for family doctors could lure out-of-province physicians

Family practice professor Dr. Rita McCracken said we have enough doctors, but we just don’t have enough doctors doing the job we need them to do because the current structure of a family doctor’s job is “terrible.”
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B.C. toxic drug recommendations don't go far enough, experts

Adjunct professor Mark Haden (school of population and public health) said the 37 recommendations of B.C.’s Select Standing Committee on Health doesn’t go far enough to address the criminalization of drugs.
City News (Vancouver)

'One of the worst years': B.C. residents share feelings on Halloween fireworks

Anthropology professor Dr. Sabina Magliocco explained the tradition of setting off fireworks during Halloween in B.C.
Glacier Media via Coast ReporterDelta Optimist