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Shocking study finds huge Black-white mortality gap with in vitro fertilization. ‘These women are still experiencing the same racism’

New research led by obstetrics and gynaecology professor Dr. Sarka Lisonkova found that babies born to Black mothers who use fertility treatments have a higher death rate than those born to white mothers.


One-third of Canadians can’t afford to remove deadly radon gas from homes: study

A study led by UBC and University of Calgary researchers suggested that lower-income and younger people may be more at risk of developing lung cancer long-term because they can’t afford to remove radon gas from their homes. Adjunct professor Dr. Cheryl Peters (school of population and public health) was mentioned.
Canadian Press via Toronto StarGlobalHamilton Spectator

Research from UBC Okanagan suggest tire particles impact fresh water

A study led by UBCO engineering researcher Dr. Haroon Mian has discovered that an increasing amount of microplastics from tires and roadways are ending up in lakes and streams.

How do you protect fish that swim beyond your safety net?

Dr. Daniel Pauly (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries) said creating no-take marine reserves is actually something that we have to do, because otherwise we will lose the biodiversity of the world
Science Magazine

B.C. Hydro reducing power generation at Alouette Lake as drought conditions worsen

Forestry professor Dr. John Richardson said that across B.C. most lakes are losing flow due to continued water losses and a lack of precipitation.

Health Canada approves drug to treat COVID-19 in immunocompromised patients, AstraZeneca says

Medicine professor Dr. Mahyar Etminan commented on the approval of Evusheld to treat COVID-19.

Farmers on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast struggling with very limited water

Forestry professor Dr. Lori Daniels explained the implications of the drought in B.C.
CBC The Current

New COVID-19 variants may add pressure to health care system this fall, experts warn

Evolutionary biologist Dr. Sarah Otto said the variants emerging now are gaining ground by taking advantage of this ability to cut through prior immunity.
Globe and Mail

Who is David Eby? The unlikely journey of B.C.’s next premier

Political science professor Dr. Gerald Baier commented on David Eby becoming B.C.’s next premier.
Toronto Star via Waterloo Region Record

Anjali Appadurai’s disqualification stirs the political pot

Political science professor Dr. Maxwell Cameron (school of public policy and global affairs) noted that BC NDP’s decision to disqualify Anjali Apparadurai highlights a division between rank-and-file members and the party leaders.
National Observer

David Eby to be next B.C. premier as NDP disqualifies Anjali Appadurai from leadership race

Political science professor Dr. Gerald Baier commented on the disqualification of Anjali Appadurai from the B.C. NDP leadership race.
Global via Rock101

Brown marmorated stink bug invades B.C.

Forestry professor of insect ecology Dr. Allan Carroll explained the danger to crops and homes because of these invasive stink bugs.
Vancouver Red FM

The world needs less Elon Musk

Political science professor Dr. Michael Byers explained why he thinks Elon Musk should not involve himself in foreign policy.
Globe and Mail

Wildfire smoke may warm the Earth for longer than we thought

Chemistry professor Dr. Allan Bertram and PhD student Nealan Gerrebos explained how wildfire smoke may warm the Earth for longer than we thought.
The Conversation via Yahoo

Canada seems on a road that ends with permitting euthanasia for any reason

Professor Brian Bird (Peter A. Allard School Of Law) argued unless lawmakers intervene, persons suffering solely from mental illness will become eligible for euthanasia.
Vancouver Sun

Students do Drop, Cover and Hold On earthquake drill at university in Vancouver

Media covered UBC’s earthquake drill as part of the annual earthquake preparedness event in B.C.
Xinhua via Global Times

Lawyers still reviewing case before deciding on murder retrial

Castanet mentioned lecturer Tamara Levyfound (Peter A. Allard School of Law) about the UBC’s Innocence Project and the retrial of Gerald Bernard Klassen, who was convicted of murder in 1993.