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Dog waiting for her birthday 'pawty' guests to arrive delights internet

Psychology professor emeritus Dr. Stanley Coren was quoted about how dogs tend to attempt to establish a good-natured relationship unless they receive hostile signals.

Why is OPEC+ cutting oil production and what’s next?

Lecturer Adam Pankratz (Sauder School of Business) said oil price will probably go up as OPEC cuts production and oil is “going to be a scarce commodity.”
Al Jazeera

Vancouver Police Union breaks with tradition and endorses ABC Vancouver for municipal election

Philosophy professor Dr. Kimberley Brownlee commented on the Vancouver Police Union’s endorsement of a municipal political party.
CBCCBC On The Coast via Yahoo

Premier stands by B.C. NDP approach to health care and crime crises

Political science professor Dr. Gerald Baier commented on how the next B.C. premier will have to shoulder the weight of the “political baggage” passed on by Premier John Horgan.
Postmedia via Vancouver SunThe Province

Vaccines could curb COVID-19 spike predicted for fall: modelling group

Evolutionary biologist Dr. Sarah Otto commented on the first bivalent booster ever used against COVID-19.
Times Colonist

Land reconciliation is the key to nourishment

Land and food systems professor Dr. Tabitha Robin Martens explained how food is not just for physical nourishment; it also draws connections to past, present and futures.
Kci-Niwesq (page 16)

Autumn drought kills thousands of salmon as berries boom

Adjunct professor Dr. Sean Fleming (department of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences) gave comments on the dry weather in B.C. and how climate change will continue to affect B.C.’s drought seasons.

UNDRIP 15 years on: Genuine truth and reconciliation requires legislative reform

United Nations representative for the rights of Indigenous Peoples Dr. Sheryl Lightfoot (departments of political science, and First Nations and Indigenous studies; school of public policy and global affairs) wrote about what needs to be done to bring about meaningful reconciliation.
The Conversation

With its painstaking balancing act, Norway prepares for both peace and war

Political science professor Dr. Michael Byers discussed why Norway’s traditions of balance and peace have been tested by recent events.
Globe and Mail

Why the Safe Third Country Agreement does not live up to its name

Dr. Efrat Arbel (Peter A. Allard School of Law) co-wrote about the constitutional challenge to the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement.
Vancouver Sun

Canada's best universities by reputation: rankings 2023

Maclean’s has ranked UBC as the third best university by reputation in Canada.