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Accessible abortion care in Canada will be 'a long time in the making,' says UBC study co-author

Obstetrics and gynaecology research associate Dr. Madeleine Ennis discussed her study which highlights mifepristone’s impact on abortion care in Canada.

Canada top court ruling on asylum-seeker pact with U.S. may have ripple effects, lawyers say

Dr. Efrat Arbel (Peter A. Allard School of Law) explained the possible implications as the Supreme Court of Canada prepares to hear a Charter challenge to the Safe Third Country Agreement.

New immigrants to Canada are building bridges with Indigenous Peoples. Here’s why that matters

Political science professor Dr. Antje Ellermann (Centre for Migration Studies) discussed why it matters that new immigrants are building bridges with Indigenous Peoples.
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U.K. company denies cutting Canadian forests to fuel 'sustainable' power plant

Forestry professor Dr. Gary Bull said although biomass is not familiar in Canada, biomass is used throughout Central Europe and Scandinavia to power and heat large cities like Copenhagen and Stockholm.

B.C. real estate expert praises Eby's proposed housing plan

Dr. Thomas Davidoff (Sauder School of Business) gave comments on B.C. NDP leadership candidate David Eby’s proposed provincial housing plan.
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New record for gas prices set in B.C.

Dr. Werner Antweiler (Sauder School of Business) commented on gas prices in B.C.
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We tend to underestimate our future expenses. Here's one way to prevent that

Dr. David J. Hardisty (Sauder School of Business) co-wrote about how to prevent underestimating future expenses.
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What is ‘blended learning’ and how can it benefit post-secondary students?

Geography professor of teaching Dr. Siobhán McPhee and PhD candidate Michael Jerowsky wrote about how blended learning can benefit post-secondary students.
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Ottawa pledges $11.1M for UBC projects aiming to advance mRNA vaccine technology

UBC will receive $11.1 million in funding to advance mRNA vaccine technology.

Pandemic project leads to performances for One, Two, Trio

UBC music department members Dr. Valerie Whitney, Katherine Evans and Jeremy Berkman are part of a bass trio, One, Two, Trio, who are making waves across B.C.
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