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Shy raccoons are the animal kingdom's perfect criminals

Research by zoology and forestry professor Dr. Sarah Benson-Amram suggests that the most docile raccoons learned to use cognitive testing devices more easily than bolder, more aggressive ones did.
New York Times via Salon

As TV doctor, Mehmet Oz provided platform for questionable products and views

A study by pharmaceutical sciences professor Dr. James McCormack looked into televised medical talk shows’ recommendations and the evidence to support their recommendations.
Washington Post

Vancouver among least equitable cities for green space: Study

Forestry professor Dr. Lorien Nesbitt discussed her research which compared urban green space with a number of social, economic and demographic variables.
Postmedia via Vancouver Sun

Under water: Is the real estate industry waking up to ‘climate risk’?

Media mentioned a study led by Dr. Markus Baldauf (Sauder School of Business) which found that people are likely to pay less for a property with a higher risk of flooding or other climate change-related damage.
Global via MSNThe Wolf 101.5 FMThe Beat 91.5

Mercenaries may have helped ancient Greeks turn the tide of war

Professor of ancient Greek culture Dr. Franco De Angelis commented on a new finding which found that mercenaries may have helped ancient Greeks in war.
Science Magazine

How bad could Europe’s energy crisis get this winter?

Adam Pankratz (Sauder School of Business) gave comments on Europe’s energy crisis.
Al Jazeera

If you're reading this, you're probably using scrubs too much

Dermatology clinical instructor Dr. Monica Li explained the purpose of skin exfoliation.
Refinery29 (Germany)

Rapid rise in food prices may help motivate consumers to reduce food waste, experts say

Dr. Tara Moreau, associate director of sustainability and community programs at UBC’s Botanical Garden, commented on the severity of food waste.
CBC via Yahoo

B.C. deal for doctors expected to include better compensation model

Family practice professor Dr. Rita McCracken discussed what a better compensation model for doctors could look like.
Globe and Mail (subscription)

BC Wildfire Service warns season not yet over amid drought

Forestry professor Dr. Robert Guy said droughts are more problematic to forest health during the spring, when growth occurs.
Canadian Press via InfoTel

Small B.C. island floats new model of rural education

Education professor Dr. Leyton Schnellert said each rural community has individual strengths and challenges that require customized education solutions.
National Observer

The next COVID wave is already starting in Canada. Here's why this one should be different

Evolutionary biologist Dr. Sarah Otto gave comments on COVID case counts in B.C.
Postmedia via National PostOttawa CitizenEdmonton Sun

Why gas is more expensive even though the price of oil has remained steady

Dr. Werner Antweiler (Sauder School of Business) explained why gas is more expensive even though the price of oil has remained steady.

Beyond the birds and bees: How new services and tech are helping us make babies in unexpected ways

Urology professor Dr. Ryan Flannigan explain how artificial intelligence is advancing fertility treatments.
Global via Q107

Young Canadians go to school longer for jobs that pay less, and then face soaring home prices

Dr. Paul Kershaw (school of population and public health) wrote about how young Canadians go to school longer for jobs that pay less, and then face soaring home prices.
Globe and Mail

I used to be a regular blood donor, but volunteers don’t seem to be a focus for CBS any more

Geography adjunct professor Dr. Tom Koch wrote about his experiences donating blood.
Globe and Mail

Hundreds gather across B.C. to honour children lost to residential schools

Students, their families and staff held an intergenerational walk at UBC to show their commitment to truth and reconciliation on Orange Shirt Day. Hosted by UBC’s faculty of applied science and faculty of land and food systems, the event began with a gathering at the Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre.