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Experimental insulin-in-a-pill shows promise in rat study

UBC land and food systems professor Dr. Anubhav Pratap-Singh and PhD candidate Yigong Guo are developing oral insulin tablets that can replace daily insulin injections.

B.C. research suggests weight-loss programs are worth the money

New UBCO research led by psychology professor Dr. Lesley Lutes found that people looking to improve their health benefit from the help of professionals.
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How animals survive in a savanna full of predators

Zoology professor Dr. Kaitlyn Gaynor said understanding complexity in prey animals’ behaviour may be critical for their conservation.
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Pets we call our 'fur babies' offer us more than just companionship

Psychology professor emeritus Dr. Stanley Coren said humans have been systematically selecting dogs who are, for the most part, very sociable.

B.C.’s largest public-sector union negotiates double-digit wage hike

Dr. Christopher McLeod (school of population and public health) commented on BCGEU’s tentative agreement with the provincial government.
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As Artemis eyes the moon, we ask: What drives humans to explore?

Anthropology professor Dr. Wade Davis explained why exploration fosters the connections between cultures.
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Back to school, back to sleep, says UBC expert

Nursing professor emeritus Dr. Wendy Hall said as kids head back to the classroom, parents can ensure the transition is a lot smoother by ensuring young ones go to bed at the same time each night.
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B.C. is working on a new physician compensation model. What are doctors saying?

Family practice professor Dr. Rita McCracken discussed the current physician compensation model and what’s being developed.
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Airborne sea lion jumps into B.C. boat to evade killer whales

Dr. Andrew Trites (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries; Marine Mammal Research Unit) commented on a sea lion launching itself out of the ocean onto a boat to avoid killer whales.
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Join CBC's Ian Hanomansing at UBC's Homecoming weekend

UBC is launching its fundraising campaign, Think Forward, this weekend at its Homecoming event.

Parents emotional, students excited at UBCO’s student move-in day

UBCO hosted its annual student move-in day last Sunday and welcomed a record-number of students to campus.