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UBC student initiative set to recycle nearly 50,000 gloves

Zoology PhD student Melody Salehzadeh is leading a project to combat plastic waste and recycle 50,000 gloves.
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UBC team deploys pollution-sniffing mobile lab

A team of UBC researchers have developed a mobile lab to measure concentrations of air pollutants across the city. Mechanical engineering professor Dr. Naomi Zimmerman and atmospheric sciences PhD student Davi de Ferreyro Monticelli were quoted.
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B.C. passes 4,000 COVID-19-related deaths as hospitalizations dip slightly

A new UBC study led by medicine professor Dr. Sriram Subramaniam identified a key vulnerability across all COVID-19 variants that could lead to a new generation of universally effective antibody treatments.
CBC via Yahoo, Canadian Press via Penticton Herald

UBC students build autonomous sailboat to cross the Pacific Ocean

UBC engineering students have built an autonomous, solar-powered sailboat which is set to sail for Hawaii this month.
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Blast-off! UBC researchers to send yeast into space on a NASA moon rocket

Pharmaceutical sciences professor Dr. Corey Nislow is sending yeast and algae cultures into space through NASA’s Artemis 1 lunar mission, to study the effects of cosmic rays and near zero gravity on living organisms.
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The science of sticky: Making bandages stay on longer with ultrasound waves

A new study co-authored by UBC medicine researchers found that the stickiness of adhesive bandages can be manipulated with ultrasound waves.

Vaccine fatigue is real. These experts say messaging on COVID boosters should be clear

Medicine researchers Dr. Julie Bettinger noted that government messaging needs to be clear about why people should get COVID boosters at this stage of the pandemic.
CBC via Yahoo

Canadian accused of subverting Hong Kong's government wants Ottawa to take action on threats

Dr. Jie Cheng (Peter A. Allard School of Law) discussed the limits of Hong Kong’s national security law’s international impact.
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Stigma against psychedelics could fade with decriminalization in B.C., experts say

UBCO psychology Dr. Zach Walsh discussed why decriminalizing some hard drugs in B.C. can reduce stigma around psychedelic substances that have medicinal value.
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The ‘crying CEO’ and Lisa LaFlamme’s ouster offer managers a lesson on layoffs

Dr. Sandra Robinson (UBC Sauder School of Business) discussed two public lessons for managers in how not to let someone go.
Globe and Mail (subscription)

How mosquitoes smell their human targets

Zoology professor Dr. Ben Matthews explained why mosquitoes are attracted to some people more than others.
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Starlink satellite train leaves B.C. residents awestruck

Physics and astronomy professor Dr. Aaron Boley gave comments on the sightings of the Starlink satellite train.
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A humpback whale of a Squamish tale

Dr. Andrew Trites (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries; Marine Mammal Research Unit) commented on the sighting of a humpback whale in Howe Sound.
Glacier Media via CastanetSquamish ChiefPique Newsmagazine

There is an urgent need to prevent the lifelong damage caused by adverse childhood experiences

Psychology professor emeritus Dr. Wolfgang Linden and professor Dr. Joelle LeMoult wrote about using psychotherapy to minimize the consequences of adverse childhoods.
The Conversation via Winnipeg Free Press

UBC project to aid mineral exploration in Prince George region

UBC’s Mineral Deposit Research Unit will use existing data to help identify new mineral exploration target areas in Central and Northern B.C.
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