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UBC's new 'sailbot' nearly ready to depart for Hawaii

An autonomous, solar-powered sailboat named Raye developed by team of UBC engineering students is set to sail for Hawaii this month.
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Pandemic-fuelled poor behaviour has some businesses wondering if the customer is always right

The Globe and Mail mentioned a study led by UBC and the Canadian Mental Health Association which found that feelings of empathy have eroded over the course of the pandemic.
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'Weak spot' in virus responsible for COVID-19 could open door to new treatments: UBC researchers

A study led by medicine professor Dr. Sriram Subramaniam has identified a key vulnerability across all COVID-19 variants that could lead to a new generation of universally effective antibody treatments.
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Artificial intelligence could make our food safer — but at what cost?

A study led by land and food systems professor Dr. Rickey Yada looked into how artificial intelligence can help make our food supply safer.
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Urban heating a climate change challenge

Forestry professor Dr. Melissa McHale will be studying the impact of heatwaves and climate change in the Okanagan to understand how the region will need to rethink about planting more vegetation in Valley cities and giving trees space to grow.
Kelowna Daily Courier

B.C. salmon, shellfish may soon become luxury of the rich, experts warn

Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries researchers Dr. William Cheung, Dr. Andrea Reid and Dr. Chris Harley discussed the future of B.C. salmon and shellfish stocks.
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B.C. parents urged not to stockpile or panic buy amid kids' painkiller shortage

Clinical professor of family medicine Dr. Anna Wolak and UBC Pharmacists Clinic director Dr. Barbara Gobis gave comments on the shortage of liquid ibuprofen and acetaminophen products for children.
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Expert says Canada can expect a spike in COVID-19 variants cases during fall and winter

Clinical professor Dr. Horacio Bach explained why vaccines are less effective in preventing one from contracting the COVID-19 omicron variants, but still can prevent one from being admitted to the hospital for serious symptoms.

COVID-19 pandemic is still ‘raging,’ experts say. How to stay safe heading into fall

Clinical professor Dr. Horacio Bach said Canada could expect an increase in cases during fall and winter due to COVID-19 variants.

The latest COVID wave may have peaked. But risks remain high

Evolutionary biologist Dr. Sally Otto gave comments on COVID-19 case counts.
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Lawns gone wild: How being lawnmower lazy boosts biodiversity

Forestry professor Dr. Terry Sunderland gave comments on the benefits of mowing the lawn less frequently.
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UBC Indigenous Strategic Plan funding sees student projects get off the ground

Student recipients of the Indigenous Strategic Initiatives Fund can now start implementing their proposed Indigenous-focused, student-led projects with the backing of university funding.
India Education Diary

Inside UBC’s Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre

Maclean’s called the Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre building a well-designed and thoughtful structure that also provides respite for survivors and loved ones.