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Vietnam protesting China’s fishing ban in waters Hanoi claims

Voice of America mentioned a 2017 study led by Dr. Daniel Pauly (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries), which found that fishing in the South China Sea quickly expanded in the 1980s and early 1990s.
Voice of America via Irish Sun

WTO hopes to avoid stalemate at upcoming Geneva ministerial

A study led by Dr. U. Rashid Sumaila (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries; school of public policy and global affairs) found that fishery subsidies in India was $227 million in 2018, way below $7.26 billion in China, $3.80 billion in the EU, $3.43 billion in the US.
Financial Express

B.C. considering expanding size and rate of speculation tax

A report co-written by Dr. Tsur Sommerville (UBC Sauder School of Business) suggests that B.C.’s Speculation and Vacancy Tax appears to be working at discouraging foreign buyers and forcing some properties that would otherwise be vacant back onto the rental market.

Galápagos tortoise thought extinct for 100 years confirmed alive

UBCO biology professor Dr. Michael Russello gave comments on a study which found that a giant tortoise species long believed extinct has been discovered living in the Galápagos Islands.
The GuardianAxios

Group unveils Canada’s 1st cigarette surfboard in battle against plastic pollution

Research associate Dr. Juan Jose Alava (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries) said cigarette butt waste remains a major concern for ocean health.
GlobalCKNW A Little More Conversation

Vancouver renters are paying more for living spaces but getting less as ‘shrinkflation’ grows

School of architecture and landscape architecture professor Matthew Soules said it’s an illusion to think that Vancouver can achieve housing affordability by having more smaller units.
Globe and Mail (subscription)

I watched my mom get arrested at a logging blockade

Sociology professor Dr. David Tindall gave comments on the police’s approach to anti-logging protests.
The Narwhal

Canada needs tobacco-style ban on fossil fuel ads to combat climate change public health crisis

Clinical professor Dr. Melissa Lem co-wrote about banning fossil fuel advertisements to combat climate change public health crisis.
The Hill Times

Fiction about abortion confronts the complicated history of gender, sexuality and women's rights

PhD candidate Sharon Engbrecht (department of English language and literatures) discussed how abortion draws on the complicated history of gender, sexuality and women’s rights.
The Conversation via National Post

Largest grad class ever as in-person ceremonies resume at UBCO

UBCO held its first in-person convocation in more than two years and had its largest graduating class in the campus’s history. UBCO Principal and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Lesley Cormack and microbiology graduate Ozren Petkovic were quoted.
Kelowna Daily Courier

Ktunaxa student and future leader wins Lieutenant Governor’s Medal Award

UBC arts graduate Aiyanna Twigg has won the 2022 Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for inclusion, democracy and reconciliation.
Columbia Valley Pioneer via MSN