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The risks of being pregnant while infected with COVID

Dr. Deborah Money (school of population and public health; department of obstetrics and gynecology) discussed a study she led which found that pregnant, unvaccinated people are more vulnerable to severe COVID-19 outcomes.

Study captures how the brain reacts while treating depression

Metro featured a study led by psychiatry professor Dr. Fidel Vila-Rodríguez, which looks at what occurs in the brain when someone receives treatments for depression.
Metro World News

Do we need nuclear power in the energy mix to stop climate change?

Dr. M.V. Ramana (school of public policy and global affairs) gave comments on whether we need nuclear power.
New Scientist (subscription)

Alarming number of orca descend on Oregon coast to feast on seal pups

Graduate student Josh McInnes (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries; Marine Mammal Research Unit) commented on the number of orca along the Oregon coast.
The Oregonian (subscription), Newsweek

Joe Biden's gaffes are causing the white house a communications headache

Political science professor Dr. Paul Quirk discussed US president Joe Biden’s gaffes.

Should I wear a mask if I've already had COVID?

Mechanical engineering professor Dr. Steve Rogak discussed the efficacy of wearing masks.

Shortage of family doctors puts B.C. government on defensive

Clinical professor Dr. Goldis Mitra said the fee-for-service system needs to be modernized, and alternative payment models, such as capitation funding should be expanded.
Globe and Mail

The rise and fall of Chinatown: The hidden history of displacement you were never told

History professor Dr. Henry Yu discussed historic city planning campaigns that planned to wipe Chinatowns off the map.
Global via Fresh Radio 104.3

Here’s what it takes to buy a home in Canada’s ‘soul-crushing’ housing market

Dr. Paul Kershaw (school of population and public health) discussed housing affordability in Canada.

How credit scores can run—and ruin—our lives

UBC economics professor Dr. Giovanni Gallipoli said access to short-term credit—especially when things go wrong—is crucial to one’s well-being.
The Walrus

Could someone unknowingly spread monkeypox? A Vancouver expert weighs in

Clinical professor Dr. Stephen Hoption Cann (school of population and public health) gave comments on the transmissibility of monkeypox.
Glacier Media via Squamish Chief

Aquaculture among options to meet seafood demand

Land and food systems professor Dr. Andrea Frommel gave comments on managing salmon stocks in the Fraser River.
Glacier Media via Business in Vancouver

Aiyanna Twigg, UBC arts graduate and Ktunaxa woman, receives the Lieutenant Governor's award for inclusion, democracy and reconciliation

CBC interviewed UBC arts graduate Aiyanna Twigg, who has won the 2022 Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for inclusion, democracy and reconciliation.
CBC Radio West (53:33 mark)

From Nature to Hollywood: Suzanne Simard on her research journey

Times Higher Education featured forestry professor Dr. Suzanne Simard about her research journey.
Times Higher Education (subscription)