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UBC study shows COVID can complicate pregnancy

A new UBC study led by Dr. Deborah Money (department of obstetrics and gynaecology) found that pregnant, unvaccinated people are more vulnerable to severe COVID-19 outcomes.

Survey suggests fewer Canadians feel empathetic amid ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

A survey conducted by the CMHA and UBC researchers showed that feelings of empathy have eroded over the course of the pandemic. Nursing professor Dr. Emily Jenkins was quoted.
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UBC researchers discover 'silver bullet' for protecting medical devices from infection

UBC researchers have developed a bacteria-killing silver-based coating to protect patients from infected medical implants. Medicine professors Dr. Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu and Dr. Dirk Lange was quoted.

Indigenous-led stewardship could help Canada tackle wildfire seasons, B.C. research suggests

Forestry postdoctoral fellow Dr. Kira Hoffman discussed a new paper that she co-led, which found that Indigenous-led cultural burning can help better manage wildfire risks and promote healthy ecosystems.

The vanishing variants: Lessons from Gamma, Iota and Mu

Zoology evolutionary biologist Dr. Sarah Otto discussed a reason to study past COVID-19 variants that waned.
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Canadian telescope delivers deepest-ever radio view of cosmic web

Scientific American quoted department of physics and astronomy research associate Dr. Richard Shaw about the data from the CHIME radio observatory.
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Is lava really forming dunes on Jupiter's closest moon?

SlashGear mentioned a department of physics and astronomy study which suggests that Jupiter has more than 600 moons, many as small as 800 metres in diameter.

Roe v. Wade - what are the possible ramifications if it's overturned?

UBC department of obstetrics and gynecology professor Dr. Sarah Munro discussed the possible ramifications of the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that legalized abortion and abortion access.
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg's 'Cult of Personality' Doomed Roe v. Wade—Experts

Political science professor Dr. Paul Quirk said if the Supreme Court finally overturns Roe v. Wade, it will be one of the greatest policy disasters for the U.S. Democratic Party in many years.

Alberta safe supply committee report not up to standards, experts say

Dr. Thomas Kerr (school of population and public health; department of medicine) gave comments on a report commissioned by Alberta Health which concluded it found “no evidence demonstrating benefits” of providing a safer supply of drugs.
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Alternative forest fire management to avoid 'hitting the 1.5 degree Celsius climate change wall'

Forestry professor Dr. Gregory Paradis said Canada should prioritize fast and cheaper carbon storage pathways to avoid hitting the 1.5 degree climate change wall.
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B.C. highway blockades over old-growth logging aimed at forcing a dialogue, activists say

Sociology professor Dr. David Tindall discussed the mobilization of protestors against old-growth logging.
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Workers, not warriors: 4 lessons from health worker protests during COVID-19 that could help avert a looming workforce crisis

Dr. Veena Sriram (school of public policy and global affairs; school of public policy and global affairs) co-wrote about why health workers were protesting during the early months of the pandemic, despite much public recognition as “heroes” and “warriors.”
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Big Mountain Foods is taking its vegan products beyond zero-waste

UBC’s faculty of land and food systems is collaborating with Big Mountain Foods to find new uses for byproducts of vegan food.
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