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To cancel or not to cancel Shakespeare? Meet the English professor flipping the script on the Bard

Dr. Dennis Austin Britton, a professor at UBC’s department of English language and literatures, discussed how we should be re-evaluating Shakespeare’s work.

Insulate hives to protect bees from heat waves

Dr. Alison McAfee, a postdoctoral fellow at UBC’s Michael Smith Labs, discussed how using polystyrene cover could help cool beehives during heat waves.
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People in Waterloo-Wellington are stressed about COVID-19, convoys and now Ukraine: CMHA

UBC nursing professor Dr. Emily Jenkins commented on a UBC co-led study which found that people in Waterloo-Wellington are stressed about COVID-19, convoys and the Russo-Ukrainian War.

Canadian team makeup reflects gender gap in Winter Paralympic Games

Dr. Andrea Bundon, a professor in UBC’s school of kinesiology, discussed her research that looks into the gender gap in Winter Paralympics Games.
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From the industry: Canadian women are not OK this International Women's Day

A study led by UBC in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association found that 41 per cent of women saw a decline in their mental health since the onset of the pandemic, compared to 31 per cent of men.

Sowing fear over oil and gas supply as Russia invades Ukraine is ‘crass opportunism’: Elizabeth May

UBC political science professor Dr. Kathryn Harrison was quoted about building fossil fuel infrastructure to transport Canadian oil and gas to Europe.
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Me-time must-haves: A new page in wellness

Dr. Lori Brotto, a professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at UBC and the executive director of the Women’s Health Research Institute, discussed accessibility to books about women’s sexual health.
National Post

There are two types of nuclear strikes, the first is tactical, the second is catastrophic

Dr. Allen Sens, a UBC professor of teaching in political science, said that any direct confrontation between Russia and the U.S. could lead–by accident or miscalculation–to a threat of nuclear war.
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Canadian airlines grapple with fallout from Russia's war on Ukraine

John Korenic, an aviation consultant and an adjunct professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, explained the impacts of Russo-Ukrainian War on Canadian airlines’ operations.
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Women and the woes of sand mining

UBC forestry professor Dr. Suzanne Simard was quoted about how heritage trees are mother trees that send messages of wisdom on to the next generation of seedlings.
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'Tenacious' Australian magpies help each other remove scientists' tracking devices

Dr. Kathy Martin, a UBC forestry professor, gave comments on how Australian magpies are able to remove scientists’ tracking devices from their bodies.
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Gas prices spike across Canada

UBC Sauder School of Business professor Dr. Werner Antweiler discussed the spike in gas prices across Canada.
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SMRs are a bet the province has to make

Telegraph-Journal mentioned a study by Dr. M.V. Ramana, a professor at UBC’s school of public policy and global affairs, that looked into national efforts to promote small modular nuclear reactors and revive nuclear power.
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Too wet, too rainy: How climate change could end the ski business for many B.C. resorts

UBCO professor in earth, environmental and geographic sciences Dr. Michael Pidwirny discussed how climate change could hurt the ski business in B.C.
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Thousands of surveillance cameras confirm that protected areas safeguard species diversity

UBC forestry researchers, Dr. Cole Burton and Cheng Chen, discussed how protected areas safeguard species diversity.
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How breaking bias can shatter the glass ceiling for women in business

The Globe and Mail featured a UBC Sauder study that found Black women remain more likely to be evaluated negatively because of persistent stereotypes.
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History is a good antidote to disinformation about Ukraine

Dr. Heidi Tworek, a professor at UBC’s department of history and school of public policy and global affairs, wrote about the misuse of historical analogies.
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Why Justin Trudeau needs to appoint an Indigenous justice to the Supreme Court

Dr. Toby Goldbach, a professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law at UBC, wrote an opinion piece about why prime minister Justin Trudeau needs to appoint an Indigenous justice to the Supreme Court.
Ottawa Citizen

International Women's Day: Meet 5 extraordinary advocates working to uplift women in B.C.

Media featured Rabiah Dhaliwal, a UBC biology student, who has been advocating for more robust, intersectional mental health support, particularly for youth, women and members of racialized communities.
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