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Scientists create universal blood-type organs for transplant

UBC medicine professor Dr. Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu and UBC chemistry professor Dr. Stephen Withers discussed their study which discovered that there can be “universal donor” organs.
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University partnership exploring ‘rock solid’ solution to climate change

UBC institute for resources, environment and sustainability professor Dr. Terre Satterfield discussed her research that analyzes the “human dynamics” component of a project to store carbon dioxide under the ocean floor.
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Pandemic stress felt by nurses impacting patient care, study shows

UBC nursing professor Dr. Farinaz Havaei discussed a recent study that outlines the current conditions among B.C. nurses.
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B.C. ski hills that survive global warming could reap tourism windfall, says expert

A study led by UBCO professor in earth, environmental and geographic sciences Dr. Michael Pidwirny suggests that coastal mountains in the Pacific Northwest will face steep declines in snowfall by mid-century.
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False expectations: Why are anti-vaccine mandate protesters targeting reporters?

Dr. Alfred Hermida, a professor at UBC’s school of journalism, gave comments on the increased numbers of reporters facing public criticism and physical violence.
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B.C. population growth highlights

UBCO geography professor Dr. Carlos Teixeira discussed the 2021 census results and the changes seen in B.C.
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Masks or no masks? Shaming or no shame? New phase of COVID-19 upends all we’ve learned

Los Angeles Times mentioned UBC psychiatry professor Dr. Steven Taylor’s book about pandemic psychology.
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