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Attitude on carbon tax rebate defined by politics, not facts, survey suggests

UBC political science professor Dr. Kathryn Harrison was quoted about a survey she co-authored on the impacts of carbon tax rebate programs on public support for carbon pricing.
The Canadian Press via CTVEdmonton Journal

Sunflower’s hidden colours revealed

Dr. Marco Todesco, a research associate at UBC’s biodiversity research centre and department of botany, discussed his new research that revealed the hidden features of sunflowers and explained how it may offer clues as to how plants adapt to climate change.
Global News Morning BC

Climate change is making it harder for plants to spread seeds via animals

Dr. Amy Angert, a professor in UBC’s department of botany, gave comments about how climate change is affecting seed dispersal.

B.C. agrees to review incarceration for refugee claimants

Dr. Efrat Arbel, a professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law at UBC, says she sees no legal basis on which to hold migrants and refugees in correctional facilities, particularly in B.C., which has a holding centre.
Globe and Mail

An Alberta court just halved an abuse survivor’s manslaughter sentence

Isabel Grant, a professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law at UBC, commented on the shortened sentence for an Alberta woman who killed her abusive husband.

Canada has detected BA.2 cases. What we know about this Omicron subvariant

Dr. Horacio Bach, a clinical professor in UBC’s division of infectious diseases, commented on the BA.2 variant. He said the virus is multiplying so much now globally that a new variant will pop up, and there are already subvariants related to the Omicron.

'Horror show' as B.C. specialist shortage leads to agonizing wait for woman's urgent cancer surgery

Dr. Sarah Finlayson, head of UBC’s division of gynaecologic oncology, gave comments about B.C.’s longstanding shortage of gynaecological oncologists.
Vancouver Sun

B.C. is creating confusion with COVID communications, say critics

Dr. Heidi Tworek, a professor at UBC’s school of public policy and global affairs and department of history, commented on B.C.’s recent decision to remove minimum isolation requirements for COVID-19.
The Tyee

Toilet talk: the teams behind COVID-19 wastewater surveillance in B.C

Dr. Ryan Ziels, a professor of civil engineering, discussed his work on examining Metro Vancouver’s wastewater to find the prevalence of COVID-19 and variants within a region.
Burnaby Beacon

The climate crisis demands courage not optimism

Dr. Kathryn Harrison, a professor of political science, and Dr. Simon Donner, a professor of climate science and policy at UBC, say climate change is here, and it’s time to move past seeking reassurance from others, to instead ask ourselves what we, as citizens, are going to do about it.
The Conversation

LifeLabs partners with UBC on Drone Transport Initiative to support access to essential health services for B.C. First Nations communities

LifeLabs has partnered with UBC’s faculties of medicine and pharmaceutical sciences in a study investigating how drone technology can be used to improve health care for rural and remote First Nations communities. UBC chair of rural health Dr. John Pawlovich was quoted.