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The tasty chemicals flavouring the edible cannabis boom

Popular Science mentioned that UBC researchers are investigating how terpenes can interact with other molecules from cannabis plants to produce unique effects.
Popular Science

Green space in cities can bring considerable health benefits for communities, but access is unequal

The Good Men Project mentioned a 2019 UBC forestry study which found that Latino and Black communities in certain U.S. cities have less access to urban nature than white communities.
Good Men Project

Fungi: The secret kingdom we don’t see

UBC botany professor Dr. Mary Berbee was quoted about her latest estimate on fungal age.
Cosmos Magazine

Could a new tax on homes worth $1M and up help fix Canada's housing crisis?

Dr. Paul Kershaw, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health and founder of advocacy group Generation Squeeze, was quoted on his report that suggests an annual surtax on houses valued at over $1 million could help reduce housing inequality and cool down housing markets.

Brain food: Studies are starting to zero in on the why and how of the diet-brain connection

UBC researchers recently established a correlation between both Mediterranean and MIND diets and the onset of Parkinson’s symptoms. Dr. Silke Appel-Cresswell, a professor of neurology at UBC’s faculty of medicine, was quoted.
The Star

Climate change threatens one of world’s biggest fish harvests

Dr. William Cheung, a professor and director of UBC’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, says when a fish population is threatened by climate change, one approach to helping is to make fishing management more conservative and lower the allowable catch.
Science Magazine

Academics argue that regulations are obstructing Canadian cannabis research

Sam Livingston, a PhD candidate at UBC botany, was quoted about how it’s easier to grow cannabis in your backyard than it is to conduct research on it in a lab.
Postmedia via Vancouver SunThe ProvinceHealthing

Helping hummingbirds thrive in B.C. winters

Dr. Doug Altshuler, a professor of zoology at UBC, explained how hummingbirds survive in the cold and ways to prevent feeders from freezing.
Weather Network

How 60-second fitness and wellness activities can boost your health

UBCO psychology professor Dr. Lesley Lutes spoke about making small, meaningful lifestyle changes to improve mental health and physical health.
Best Health via MSN

Pediatrician urges parents to have the COVID-19 talk as Omicron cases hit new highs

Dr. Ran Goldman, a pediatrics professor in UBC’s faculty of medicine, says parents with questions about the safety of the vaccine should talk to a healthcare provider.
The Canadian Press via CP24GlobalCTVThe StarBurnaby NowTimes ColonistCastanet

B.C.'s rolling average of new cases went down yesterday. Here's why it doesn't matter

UBC mathematics professor Dr. Daniel Coombs discussed the changes in the COVID-19 case counts.

Infectious disease expert hopes B.C. has strong case for closing gyms

UBC kinesiology professor Dr. Eli Puterman gave advice for people who are having a hard time with the gym and fitness centre closures.

‘Most people will get infected’: B.C. modelling group releases new Omicron data

UBC evolutionary biologist Dr. Sarah Otto says each individual that can reduce their exposures this month is basically another individual who will not potentially need hospitalization for COVID-19.

U.S. abortion bans compel women to be not just Good Samaritans, but ‘splendid’ ones

UBC philosophy professor Dr. Kimberley Brownlee wrote an article on American philosopher Judith Jarvis Thomson’s defence of abortion.
The Conversation via National Post