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New technologies are promising a shortcut to enlightenment

Dr. Evan Thompson, a UBC professor who specializes in Asian philosophical traditions, gave comments about enlightenment and using technology to induce spiritual experiences.

The season of SAD: What we do (and don't) know about winter depression — and how to beat it

Dr. Raymond Lam, a professor and head of UBC’s department of psychiatry, was quoted about seasonal affective disorder. Dr. Lam co-wrote the first Canadian guidelines on treating SAD.
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Will Edward win? What to expect when the Rogers feud heads to court on Monday

Dr. Camden Hutchison, a professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law at UBC, commented on Edward Rogers seeking a court’s blessing for his recent decision to remove five directors from the board of Rogers Communications Inc. and replace them with nominees of his own.
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Jellyfish invasion causes shutdown of UK nuclear power plant

Dr. Lucas Brotz, an honorary research associate at the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries at UBC, gave comments about the impact of jellyfish on a nuclear power plant.
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Is Vancouver's program for ‘gifted’ children unfair?

Dr. Owen Lo, a professor in UBC’s department of educational and counselling psychology, discussed the concept of being “gifted” and said every student has the potential to be gifted in their own way.
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Something so sacred has been taken away from me

Alan Cassels, a pharmaceutical policy expert at the UBC Therapeutics Initiative, spoke about the need to improve sharing what we know about the side effects of medication and investigating what we don’t.
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The pandemic is still making us feel terrible

UBC psychiatry professor Dr. Steven Taylor said that as the pandemic stretches on, people’s moods will continue to worsen, particularly if we experience more setbacks.
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B.C. lacks key data on COVID patients who end up back in hospital

Dr. Chris Carlsten, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, and UBC nursing professor Dr. Fuchsia Howard gave comments about the lack of information on COVID-19 patients and the need to develop a long-term strategy to prevent patients from ending up back in hospital.
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UBCO develops alternate COVID-19 testing method

UBCO researchers have developed a deep learning neural network that can quickly detect COVID-19 infections using X-ray images. Dr. Mohamed Shehata and Sherif Elbishlawi were quoted.

From the Amazon, Indigenous Peoples offer new compass to navigate climate change

UBC professors Dallas Hunt, Cash Ahenakew, Sharon Stein, Vanessa Andreotti and Will Valley discussed addressing global challenges and reorienting ourselves away from reproducing harm and toward fostering more generative possibilities for co-existence.
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COP26: Strong carbon-trading rules could help the world avoid dangerous levels of global warming

Citlali Cruz Cruz, a graduate research assistant at UBC’s school of public policy and global affairs, and Dr. John Steen, a professor of mining engineering at UBC’s faculty of applied science, discussed how an international emissions-trading system could bring an end to the production of coal-fired electricity.
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Suzanne Simard on the secret societies of trees

The Current spoke to UBC forestry professor Dr. Suzanne Simard about what her work means for old-growth forests amid a climate emergency, and her new book Finding the Mother Tree.
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Bird award winner

UBC forestry professor Dr. Kathy Martin, who received the William Brewster Memorial Award from the American Ornithological Society, spoke about spending a lifetime studying birds.
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