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The science behind Ouija boards

Discover quoted Dr. Ronald Rensink, a professor in UBC’s departments of psychology and computer science, about a study he co-authored on the expression of nonconscious knowledge via Ouija board response.

Growing up around green space has positive effect on early childhood development, UBC study suggests

A study by researchers in UBC’s faculty of forestry and faculty of medicine suggests that living in and around green space has a positive effect on early development in children.

How sea otters led a green revolution on the B.C. coast – and played a part in climate-proofing the Pacific

UBC zoologist Dr. Mary O’Connor commented on a new study from the Genetic Data Centre which shows how otters digging for clams and other food are restoring the genetic diversity of eelgrass meadows in shallow coastal waters.
Globe and Mail

What's next after the release of Meng Wanzhou?

UBC political science professor Dr. Yves Tiberghien commented on Canada-China relations.

Flame Amur maple might be scruffy, but it has moments of fiery glory — and some perfect spots in the landscape

The Seattle Times asked Douglas Justice, associate director of horticulture and collections at the UBC Botanical Garden, about the Flame Amur maple.
Seattle Times

As Calgary votes for fluoride, some in B.C. have hope for 'rotten tooth capital of Canada'

UBC dentistry professor Dr. Mario Brondani spoke about the benefits of having fluoridated drinking water.

Under new emissions plan, B.C. accelerates phase-out of gas-powered cars

Dr. George Hoberg, a professor at UBC’s school of public policy and global affairs, commented on the B.C. government’s new roadmap to 2030 and capping emissions from oil and gas utilities.
Glacier Media via North Shore News

Peatland folklore lent us will-o-the-wisps and jack-o-lanterns, and can inspire climate action today

Dr. Derek Gladwin, a professor in the department of language and literacy education and sustainability fellow with the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability at UBC, discussed the impact of peatlands on climate change.
The Conversation via Yahoo

See the top 10 universities in Canada

UBC has been ranked as the second-best global university in Canada by U.S. News, based on academic research performance and reputation.
U.S. News & World Report via Yahoo

Our changing planet: Neighbourhood solutions

CBC interviewed Cheryl Ng and Dr. Stephen Sheppard at UBC’s faculty of forestry about the Cool ‘Hood Champs program, a neighbourhood-based climate change initiative that aims to teach people how to create their own climate action plans.
CBC National (27:00 mark)CBC News Vancouver at 6 (51:10 mark)