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Eviction rate raises concerns over Lower Mainland economy

UBC Balanced Supply of Housing Research Cluster’s research co-ordinator Craig Jones discussed a new report he worked on in collaboration with UBC researchers Silas Xuereb and Dr. Andrea Craig which found that Metro Vancouver has the highest residential rental eviction rates in Canada, and almost double that of the second highest city (Toronto).
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Global Reef Systems Affected by Severe Climate Change

Nature World News discussed research by Dr. Tyler Eddy, conducted when he was an Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries (IOF) research associate, and IOF director Dr. William Cheung, which found that global coverage of living corals had declined by about half since the 1950s.
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Canada's Trudeau ekes out narrow win in COVID-dominated election

UBC political scientist Dr. Gerald Baier commented on what the similarity between the 2021 and 2019 election results might mean and says it indicates that Canadian voters are “not ready to have one party or another really have all the reins.”
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What to expect from the next Trudeau Liberal government on health care

Dr. Paul Kershaw, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health and founder of advocacy group Generation Squeeze, said improving medical treatments by hiring doctors or shortening wait times is the best strategy for improving Canadians’ health. He also commented on the need for the federal government to invest in younger generations’ health and wellness.
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Canadian PM Trudeau wins, falls short of majority

UBC political scientist Dr. Kathryn Harrison gave her analysis on the federal election outcomes and what it means for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
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Justin Trudeau: Tarnished in Election Fight, Liberal 'Golden Boy' Struggles to Fill Father's Shoes

UBC political scientist Dr. Max Cameron was quoted discussing the difference between how the Canadian electorate perceived Trudeau in his 2015 victory compared to 2021 results and points to diminished hopes in big promises as a reason for the 2021 election outcome.
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Voter turnout for Canada’s 2021 federal election near historic lows

Dr. Richard Johnston, a professor emeritus in UBC’s department of political science, commented on why he thinks there was such low voter turn out in the 2021 election and points to anxieties and safety concerns brought on by the pandemic as one of the reasons.
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Housing, climate change, long a preoccupation for B.C., take centre stage in national vote

UBC political scientist Dr. Max Cameron discussed how compatible the polls were to the election results and some of the challenges for the Greens especially in B.C.
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Election results show time is ripe to push Liberals on climate

UBC political scientist Dr. Kathryn Harrison talked about the steep climate promises made by the Liberals and what would need to be done before the party can face voters again in the next election.
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Election 2021 results: Green party delivered setback at ballot box, losing MP in faltering of support

UBC political scientist Dr. Kathryn Harrison commented on the impact the Greens’ internal divisions had on their campaign strategy and in fundraising for the recent federal election.
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Vancouver councillor Pete Fry says Green Party of Canada made “strategic” blunder in B.C.

Adam Pankratz, a lecturer at the UBC Sauder School of Business, commented on the challenges faced by the Greens and what the future of the party might hold.
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Election 2021 results: NDP hold their ground in B.C., still hope to gain seats

UBC political scientist Dr. Gerald Baier commented on how the federal NDP may have benefited by support from the provincial party in B.C.
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Election 2021 update: Three B.C. ridings still too close to call | Elections Canada starts counting mail-in ballots today | Liberals win most seats, but no majority

Dr. Richard Johnston, a professor emeritus in UBC’s department of political science, commented on the rise in advanced voting in B.C. and its potential impact on delayed results.
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Political future for some Canadian leaders may be up in air following status quo election

UBC political scientist Dr. Max Cameron comments on what might happen within party leadership in the period after the election and talks about the decline in Conservative support throughout B.C.

Conservative losses in Metro Vancouver suburbs mark biggest change for B.C. in status-quo election

UBC political scientist Dr. Gerald Baier commented on the loss of Conservative seats in Metro Vancouver and says Erin O’Toole’s push towards the middle may have been met with hesitation from voters who didn’t believe in the shift or messaging.
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NDP may hold the balance of power in Parliament

UBC political scientist Dr. Gerald Baier discusses what promises the NDP and Liberals could find common ground on and comments on the NDP’s performance, saying that “we shouldn’t expect too many different dynamics” in the government due to a similar number of seats held before the election.
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Coalition calls on renewed Liberal government to follow through on climate plan

UBC political scientist Dr. Gerald Baier commented on the federal Conservatives’ move left in efforts to sway increasingly progressive suburban voters and what it could mean for social conservative issues.
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Canada’s election marred by rising Islamophobia

Dr. Sunera Thobani, a professor in UBC’s department of Asian studies, commented on rising Islamophobia in Canada, linking it to growing anti-immigrant sentiment that’s seen through heightened border policies tied back to the war on terror.
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Three critically endangered whales are now pregnant and could save species

Josh McInnes, a researcher with the UBC’s Marine Mammal Research Unit, commented on a discovery that three southern resident killer whales in the J-pod are pregnant and discussed the odds of survival calves have in their early days.
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Istanbul Turns Taps on Old Fountains, Joining Global Push for Free Drinks

UBC Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability PhD student Rapichan Phurisamban commented on the the cultural importance of drinking fountains in Zurich.

Another rockslide on the Stawamus Chief leaves questions for climbers

CBC’s On The Coast spoke with Dr. Erik Eberhardt, a professor at UBC’s department of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences, about why there have been so many recent rockslides at the popular tourist destination.
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Putting Down Roots in Vancouver’s Backyard Gardens

The Tyee spoke with UBC Initiative for Student Teaching and Research in Chinese Canadian Studies undergraduate research assistant Wei Yan Yeong about the connection between diasporas and domestic agriculture and how social connections can benefit plants.
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PG housing market starting to cool off

Dr. Tom Davidoff, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, commented on the pattern of high demand housing in desirable neighbourhoods, noting it is not unique to western Canada. He says the “real mystery looking ahead will be the way the work-from-home model shapes the future of office space and living accommodations.”
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How Animal Law Applies to Many Areas of Mainstream Practice

Psychology Today spoke with Victoria Shroff, an adjunct professor of animal law at Peter A. Allard School of Law, about her new book Canadian Animal Law and how laws protecting animals have broad legal impacts.
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Sask. faces shortage of COVID-19 medication

Dr. Srinivas Murthy, an infectious disease expert and clinical professor in UBC’s department of pediatrics, talked about Saskatchewan’s shortage of tocilizumab, an anti-inflammatory drug used off-label to treat severe COVID-19 in combination with steroids, and what they might need to amid the limited supply.
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Province urges expectant mothers to get the COVID-19 vaccine

Dr. Deborah Money, a professor in the faculty of medicine’s department of obstetrics and gynaecology, spoke about encouraging pregnant and breastfeeding people in B.C. to get the COVID-19 vaccine and dispelled myths that linger around pregnancy and the vaccine.
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Vaughn Palmer: It looks like Premier Horgan was one of the winners in the federal election

UBC political scientist Donald Blake was quoted in an opinion piece talking about the “two political worlds” British Columbians tend to inhabit when voting federally and provincially.
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V. Victoria Shroff: Animals are on the agenda in the 2021 federal election

Victoria Shroff, an adjunct professor of animal law at Peter A. Allard School of Law, discusses how animals matter in this election and where each party’s platform stood on animal welfare issues.
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UBC Investment Management Trust invests $120M in reduced carbon investment fund

UBC Investment Management Trust Inc. says it is committing $120 million to a Paris Aligned reduced carbon global equity fund, on behalf of the University of British Columbia’s endowment fund.
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UBC voters frustrated after waiting over 3 hours past polls closing to cast ballot

CBC spoke with UBC student Andre Ramkairsingh, one of the last Canadians to cast a vote in the 2021 general election, who shared his frustration with extremely long wait times for voting on campus. A tweet from UBC president Prof. Santa J. Ono was quoted.
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The 'right to vote' is why many Canadians stayed in line for hours

UBC students Emily Malmgren and Paige Holmes commented on the long lines at the UBC polling station on election day.
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Stress heading back to university/college

UBCO Student Wellness Centre director Roger Wilson spoke about some of the mental and physical wellbeing services available to students when classes resumed in September.