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Tens of thousands of new satellites expected to hamper astronomy

Dr. Aaron Boley, a professor at UBC’s department of physics and astronomy, discussed why some scientists are worried about the impact tens of thousands of new satellites may have on astronomy and stargazing—especially in Canadian cities such as Vancouver.
CBC On The Coast, ScienceNews

A simple equation indicates wormholes may be the key to quantum gravity

Interesting Engineering mentioned work by Dr. Mark Van Raamsdonk, a professor in UBC’s department of physics and astronomy, about a thought experiment that suggested a complex network of quantum entanglements could be the threads that form the fabric of space-time itself.
Interesting Engineering

4 Takeaways From the Canadian Election

UBC political scientist Dr. Allan Tupper commented on the “strong” broad regional voting patterns seen in Canada’s 2019 and 2021 elections and says “it will require a major set of changes in political problems, political issues, political values to shift Canadians out of those patterns.”
New York Times

Climate change was supposed to be a big issue this election. It wasn’t.

Political science professor Dr. Kathryn Harrison commented on the difference between the Conservatives’ 2019 and 2021 climate platforms.
New York Times

What is basic income and which of Canada's main parties support it?

Dr. David Green, a professor at the Vancouver School of Economics, discussed a basic income for the country. He believes a better solution would be to reform the programs that already exist.
CBC News

Who has faith in politics? In 2019, some Toronto areas saw nearly half their electorate skip out

Dr. Richard Johnstona professor emeritus in the department of political science, commented on why some Canadians skipped the 2019 federal vote.
Vancouver Star

‘It feels hopeless:’ Housing an afterthought in election campaign

Dr. Tom Davidoff, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, commented on how over and undertaxing works in the housing market and on overseas buyers’ role in the current housing challenges in Canada.

What the rise of the memoir has meant for non-fiction

Dr. Kamal Al-Solaylee, director of the UBC school of journalism, writing, and media, discussed the idea of a grant to support non-fiction authors.
The Globe and Mail

At 50, Greenpeace is an environmental success story — with a daunting future

UBC political science professor Dr. Lisa Sundstrom commented on Greenpeace’s use of highly visible, peaceful protest to get the public’s attention as one of the keys to its longevity.

Vancouver driver says he's set a new record for fastest Trans Canada Highway journey by electric car

Dr. Werner Antweiler, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, commented on the importance of increasing accessibility to low-cost electric car charging at motorists’ homes without extra fees or surcharges.

Frogs, toads emerge to soak up Vancouver rain, UBC prof. says

Amphibians might be a more common sight with the wet weather, according to Dr. John Richardson, a forest and conservation sciences professor in the faculty of forestry.
News 1130

After Cod, Shrimp. After Shrimp? Mud

The Tyee featured an excerpt from UBC Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries professor Dr. Daniel Pauly’s soon-to-be-released English-edition biography The Ocean’s Whistleblower: The Remarkable Life and Work of Daniel Pauly.
The Tyee

Wedgemount glacier nearly unrecognizable in historical comparison photos

Dr. Michele Koppes, Canada Research Chair in Landscapes of Climate Change and a professor in the department of geography, discussed accelerated glacial recession in B.C., including that it is “absolutely” possible to attribute a higher melt rate with the high temperatures the West Coast experienced this summer.
Vancouver Is AwesomePique News MagazineCastanet News

Is Ginkgo’s synthetic-biology story worth $15 billion?

UBC Sauder School of Business professor Dr. Will Gornall commented on special-purpose acquisition companies, or SPACs, with reference to Ginkgo Bioworks.
MIT Technology Review

Children and others repay an “immunity debt” from lockdown

The New Statesman quoted an interview with UBC microbiology and immunology professor Dr. Brett Finlay about the effects of excessive sanitizing and use of antibiotics.
The New Statesman

Questions about B.C.'s COVID-19 measures rack up billable hours for law firms

Salima Samnani, a lecturer in UBC’s Peter A. Allard School of Lawsaid she believes new laws are not evolving with regards to COVID-19 measures, but rather existing laws are being applied in unique ways.
Vancouver Sun

Serious Infections Linked to Autism: Study

Dr. Annie Ciernia, a professor in the department of biochemistry and molecular biology, commented on a study where, following an early immune challenge, male mice with a mutated copy of a particular gene developed deficits in social behaviour linked to changes in the immune cells of the brain.
The Scientist

Federal election 2021: What ever happened to 'better'?

Dr. Paul Kershaw, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health and founder of advocacy group Generation Squeeze, commented in an op-ed about the federal parties’ unwillingness to have conversations about systemic intergenerational issues and their limited investment in younger generations.

Incivility is the new bullying in higher education

Professor of education at UBC Okanagan Dr. Lynn Bosetti wrote about her recent research on the emotional labour of leadership in higher education.
University Affairs

Canadian men advance to quarter-finals despite loss to U.S. at HSBC World Rugby 7s Series

UBC Thunderbirds member Matthew Percillier discussed the Canadian men’s win over Chile in the opening day of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series.
The Canadian Press via CBC NewsRimbey ReviewMSN CanadaLangley Advance TimesNorth Delta ReporterBurns Lake Lakes District NewsNorth Island GazetteThe Chilliwack ProgressCreston Valley Advance

Wartime letters between Surrey teen and interned Japanese friends spark search for descendants

Tomoko Kitayama Yen, Japanese studies librarian, and Krisztina Laszlo, archivist for rare books and special collections, at UBC Library have been trying to connect with the family members of Japanese-Canadians who wrote to a Surrey woman after being forced into internment camps in northern B.C. and the Prairies.
Surrey-Now Leader

UBC club looks to combat COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

UBC integrated sciences student and Vaccine Literacy Club founder Emilie Wang spoke about the club’s aim to help communities in B.C. overcome vaccine hesitancy.
News 1130

Sustainability degree first for UBCO, Canada

UBC Okanagan’s new undergraduate degree dedicated to sustainability was featured in the Penticton Herald. It is Canada’s first such undergraduate degree.
Penticton Herald

University of British Columbia opens bioenergy research facility

Energy Global featured the opening of the Biorefining Research and Innovation Centre at UBC. Director and professor of chemical and biological engineering Dr. Xiaotao Bi discussed the Centre’s potential to transform organic materials such as B.C. forest waste into low-carbon, high-value fuels and other bioproducts.
Energy Global