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New carnivorous plant species identified in North America

A new study by researchers at UBC botany and the University of Wisconsin-Madison identified a new carnivorous plant for the first time in 20 years. Study authors Dr. Qianshi Lin and Dr. Sean Graham were quoted.
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B.C.’s vital salmon route is seriously clogged

A study by researchers from UBC and the Rainforest Conservation Foundation looked at the lost and inaccessible habitat for Pacific salmon in Canada’s Lower Fraser River. Study authors Riley Finn and Dr. Tara Martin at UBC’s faculty of forestry were quoted.
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Hidden toll of the Northwest heat wave: Hundreds of extra deaths

Dr. Kate Weinberger, an environmental epidemiologist at UBC’s school of population and public health, gave comments about heat deaths. The article also mentioned her study that looked at the number of deaths related to heat in the United States.
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British Columbia battles nearly 300 wildfires at once. Here’s how.

Dr. Ryan Reynolds, a postdoctoral researcher at the school of community and regional planning, says forest fires posed a complex challenge for emergency planners, the biggest problem being unpredictability.
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Signs of dyslexia in kids: what parents need to know

Dr. Linda Siegel, a professor emeritus of educational and counselling psychology and special education, was quoted about finding the strengths of the children as well as the difficulties.

Latest coyote attack in Vancouver's Stanley Park injures 5-year-old

Dr. Kristen Walker, a wildlife biologist at UBC’s faculty of land and food systems, was quoted in an article about the latest coyote attacks in Stanley Park.

'An urgent situation': Climate experts warn wildfires in B.C. will be more common without action

UBC forestry professor Dr. Lori Daniels spoke about the fire season in B.C. and the need to manage forests and fires with climate change in mind.

Province will need to get water smart, scientists warn

Dr. David Scott, a professor in UBCO’s department of earth, environmental and geographic sciences, discussed managing water resources.
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Another trade route speed bump on the road ahead: fire season

Dr. Gordon Lovegrove, a professor at UBCO’s school of engineering, gave comments about the disruptions to rail transport caused by the wildfires.

Provinces divided on making use of COVID-19 vaccine passports. Here’s why

Dr. Horacio Bach, an adjunct professor in UBC’s division of infectious diseases, commented on having proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

COVID-19 vaccines should be prioritized for poorer countries, not booster shots at home: experts

Dr. Anna Blakney, a professor at UBC’s Michael Smith Laboratories and school of biomedical engineering, gave comments about COVID-19 vaccine protection.
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As Indian economy heads towards an uncertain but pivotal moment, growth is the only answer

Dr. Amartya Lahiri, a Royal Bank research professor at UBC’s Vancouver School of Economics, discussed poverty alleviation in India.
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The fires were just the beginning, welcome to the age of climate displacement

UBC sustainability scholar Sarah Kamal co-wrote about how protecting communities from future disasters requires transforming existing knowledge and political commitments on the emergency response into action.
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What brings you joy?

Corinne Crockett, an adjunct professor at UBCO’s school of nursing, reflected on the human tendency to postpone happiness and joy.

‘Benzo-dope’ may be replacing fentanyl: Dangerous substance turning up in unregulated opioids

UBC medicine professor Dr. Lianping Ti discussed whether the increasing supply of benzo-dope in the unregulated drug market would saturate the opioid supply and the significant public health issues that need to be considered.
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University of Fraser Valley expects record number of international first-year students

Pam Ratner, vice-provost and associate vice-president, faculty planning, was quoted about the increase in the number of applications from direct-entry undergraduate international students at UBC.
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