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This flower hides a secret: it’s actually a carnivore

A new study by researchers at UBC botany and the University of Wisconsin-Madison identified a new carnivorous plant for the first time in 20 years. Study authors Dr. Qianshi Lin and Dr. Sean Graham were quoted.
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Discovery by UBC researchers holds promise of reducing organ transplants rejections

UBC medicine professor Dr. Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu and his team at the Centre for Blood Research and Life Sciences Institute, have developed a polymer to coat blood vessels on transplanted organs and reduce rejection following a transplant.
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UBCO-developed technology opens door to personalized antibiotic therapy

UBCO engineering professor Dr. Mohammad Zarifi and his team at the Okanagan Microelectronics and Gigahertz Application Lab have developed a new method for monitoring bacterial responses to antibiotics in healthcare settings.
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New wearable mechanism may lessen the burden of those living with Parkinson’s

UBCO engineering professor Dr. Hadi Mohammadi has developed a new, wearable device that reduces tremors in a range of activities and scenarios, but doesn’t restrict movements of the hand, wrist or fingers.

Camp Atwater, perhaps the oldest summer camp for black kids, turns 100

UBC history professor Dr. Leslie Paris gave comments about the significance of Camp Atwater, one of the first summer camps in America specifically for Black children.

Critics question B.C.'s growing fossil fuel subsidies in wake of dire new climate change report

UBC political science professor Dr. Kathryn Harrison says there’s little political motivation for the government to move away from subsidizing fossil fuels, despite the clear consequences for the climate.

Smoke from B.C. wildfires is tainting the province's wine industry

UBC chemistry professor Dr. Wesley Zandberg discussed his research on smoke taint and explained why smoke exposure ruins a batch of grapes, making them taste like ashes.
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Okanagan wineries weathering extreme summer heat, drought

UBC forestry professor Dr. Elizabeth Wolkovich was quoted in an article about the effects of climate change on wineries.
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Cultural burning: Could more fires be the solution to B.C.'s wildfire problem?

UBC forestry professor Dr. Lori Daniels was quoted about the pre-colonial forest fires in B.C.
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New UN report on climate change says some effects ‘irreversible’ over hundreds, thousands of years

Dr. Scott Hinch, a professor in the faculty of forestry and director of the Pacific Salmon Ecology and Conservation Laboratory, commented on the effect of B.C.’s recent heat wave on salmons.

The Canadian border has reopened to tourists, but you'll need to prepare before you cross

Dr. Tom Koch, a professor of medical geography at UBC, commented on Canada’s decision to reopen the border to American tourists.

Canada’s borders are now open to fully-vaccinated U.S. travellers. But is it the right time?

Dr. Stephen Hoption Cann, a clinical professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, commented on how reopening Canada’s borders to U.S. travellers could put children aged 12 and under at risk.

95 per cent of recent COVID-19 cases in B.C. have been Delta variant, BCCDC report suggests

UBC evolutionary biologist Dr. Sarah Otto commented on the higher transmission rate of the Delta variant.

Was COVID-19 research funding well spent?

Dr. Shirin Kalyan, an adjunct professor in UBC’s department of medicine, was quoted about her experience reviewing COVID-19 grant applications. She added that the pandemic highlights the need to invest in Canadian science.
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Revealing the long but hidden history of queer women in sport

Dr. Becki Ross, a professor in the department of sociology and the Social Justice Institute, discussed the long-hidden histories of queer women, sport and pernicious legacies of racism.
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How Indigenous burning practices can help curb the biodiversity crisis

Dr. Kira Hoffman, an NSERC postdoctoral fellow at UBC’s faculty of forestry, discussed her research that examined how Indigenous fire stewardship affects biodiversity.
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