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Love and sex with many: research on the health and wellness of consensual non-monogamy

A Forbes article on mating patterns mentioned a study by UBC biologist Justin Brashares that examined 30 years of data for 41 mammal species on six separate preserves.

Pacific Northwest and Canada’s crushing heat wave cooks millions of sea creatures

Research by UBC marine biologist Dr. Chris Harley estimates that the recent heat wave caused the death of more than a billion seashore animals along the Salish Sea coastline.
Smithsonian MagazineUSA Today (subscription), GuardianDaily MailYahoo

Neuroscientists are ignoring the differences between males and females

New Scientist mentioned research by UBC psychology professor Dr. Liisa Galea that analyzed the sex of samples used in every new paper published by three leading neuroscience journals.
New Scientist (subscription)

The future of wildfires in Canada

The Globe and Mail highlighted BlueSky Canada, a smoke-forecasting project led by atmospheric scientists at UBC.
Globe and Mail (subscription)

Victoria-based institute looking into improving range, safety of electric-vehicle batteries

Dr. Jian Liu, a professor at UBCO’s school of engineering, spoke about his project on incorporating tellurium into lithium-ion batteries.
Victoria News

UN plan would protect 30 per cent of oceans and land to stem extinctions

UBC geography professor Dr. Jessica Dempsey was quoted about structural inequalities in the economic system and how rich countries are responsible for and have benefited most from the developments that drive biodiversity loss.
New Scientist (subscription)

New Scientist all-day virtual event: What is the future of healthcare?

Dr. Anna Blakney, a professor in UBC’s Michael Smith Laboratories and school of biomedical engineering, spoke about the next generation of mRNA vaccines.
New Scientist (subscription)

B.C. urged to help rebuild Lytton to prevent great destruction from future fires

UBC forestry professor Dr. Lori Daniels says First Nations, the municipality and the provincial and federal governments need to work together with experts to redesign the community so future wildfires won’t be as devastating.
The Canadian Press via GlobalGlobe and Mail

How to cool your home or building to better handle hotter temperatures

Dr. Adam Rysanek, a UBC professor of environmental systems at the school of architecture and landscape architecture, was quoted about radiant cooling.

Transport Canada slows speed limit of trains in areas facing high fire risk to reduce chances of sparking a blaze

UBC forestry professor Dr. Lori Daniels spoke about how trains are a source of fire ignitions in Canada in hot, dry weather conditions.
Globe and Mail (subscription)

UBC researchers found wastewater samples can track COVID variants in metropolitan areas

Dr. Ryan Ziels, a professor of civil engineering, spoke about his study that found wastewater genomic testing can be a quick and effective way to track COVID-19 variants within a region.
News 1130

Do gender norms enforce a divide between literature and philosophy?

UBC philosophy professor Dr. Carrie Jenkins discussed the gendered division between philosophy and literature.
New Statesman

Will new global tax co-operation benefit the world?

Dr. Wei Cui, a professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law, discussed whether the proposed global agreements to reform international taxation will be good for the world.
Globe and Mail

Putting an end to billions in fishing subsidies could improve fish stocks and ocean health

Dr. Daniel Skerritt, a postdoctoral research fellow at the fisheries economics research unit at UBC, discussed harmful fisheries subsidies and how establishing international rules would be a significant step towards rebuilding an abundant ocean.
The Conversation via Yahoo

Use a different story to reframe your fears

Postmedia featured a new book by Dr. Derek Gladwin, a professor in UBC’s department of language and literacy education, that looks at the power of storytelling and how we can use it to turn our feelings of fear into positive actions.
Postmedia via Vancouver SunThe Province

Ten B.C. books to add to your summer reading stack

Postmedia featured a book written by UBC forestry professor Dr. Suzanne Simard about intricate and interconnected world of trees.
Postmedia via Vancouver SunThe Province