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More than a billion seashore animals may have cooked to death in B.C. heat wave, says UBC researcher

Research by UBC marine biologist Dr. Chris Harley estimates that last week’s record-breaking heat wave in B.C. may have killed more than one billion seashore animals living along the Salish Sea coastline.
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Want to make yourself happy? Buy your dog a gift (science says so)

Media mentioned a UBC psychology study that found spending money on others promotes happiness.
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Survivor: Salmon edition

Dr. Scott Hinch, a fisheries scientist at UBC’s faculties of foresty and science, discussed chinook stocks and his research on thermal tolerance of juvenile chinook to see how they may fare in a time of climate change.
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Last week's heat wave won't be the last. Here's how Whatcom will be impacted

Bellingham Herald spoke to UBC geography professor Dr. Simon Donner about last weekend’s record-breaking heat wave and its impact on the upcoming wildfire season.
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Vancouver trees dry out as heat wave continues to take its toll

UBC forestry professor Dr. Stephen Sheppard discussed how urban planning must take heat waves into account going forward.

'Loss to our history': Lytton Chinese History Museum and 1,600 artifacts destroyed in fire

UBC history professor Dr. Henry Yu gave comments about the Lytton Chinese History Museum that was destroyed by wildfire last week.
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Academics, advocates question City of Vancouver's social indicators report

Dr. Miu Chung Yan, a professor at the school of social work, commented on the City of Vancouver’s social indicators report.
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Here’s what the pandemic taught Metro Vancouver about air pollution

Dr. Melissa Lem, a clinical professor at UBC’s faculty of medicine, says active transportation, like biking or walking, not only reduces health risks but helps better connect people with their communities.
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Understanding the dangers of heat stroke

Dr. Michael Curry, a UBC clinical professor of emergency medicine, spoke about the dangers of heat stroke and who are most vulnerable.
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How to keep our cities cool during the heat wave and UBC cool 'hood champs'

Cheryl Ng, engagement coordinator at the Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning in the faculty of forestry, discussed how to keep our cities cool during the heat wave and what roles cities can play.
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UBC Better Health supports for nurses are needed as pandemic deepened anxiety and depression

UBC nursing professor Dr. Farinaz Havaei discussed her study on the impact of COVID-19 on nurse mental health. The study showed better mental health supports for nurses are needed.
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