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A shortage of workers, and $5 Champagne

The Globe and Mail mentioned 2016 UBC research that found permanent price increases from taxes had three times more impact on demand than price increases seen as transitory.
Globe and Mail (subscription)

UBC to build renewable energy hub

Dr. Walter Mérida, a professor of mechanical engineering, was interviewed about a new clean energy project that will transform an entire city block at UBC into a smart energy district.
BNN Bloomberg – The Close (1:17:21 mark)

The Saturday Debate: Have Boomers wrecked everything?

The Star mentioned research conducted by Dr. Paul Kershaw, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, that suggests housing prices would either need to fall by nearly half, or millennial earnings would need to double in order for most millennials to enter the housing market.
The Star

How to buy happiness (responsibly)

UBC psychology professor Dr. Elizabeth Dunn spoke about the science of spending and how you can get more happiness for your money.
New York Times via Seattle Times

Remember that big tree on the truck? Experts say it probably wasn't big enough to save under B.C. rules

Ira Sutherland, a forestry PhD student who chairs the Big Tree Committee at UBC, gave comments about B.C.’s protections for big trees.

Story by story, Canada's news media built Indigenous oppression

UBC journalism professor Dr. Candis Callison spoke about how Canada’s news media remains condescending towards Indigenous peoples.
The Tyee

Violent public outbursts and unruly behavior may keep some from reentering society — but likely not for long, experts say

CNN spoke to UBC psychiatry professor Dr. Steven Taylor about recent public outbursts and violence. He said the stress of the pandemic and the sudden re-entry into society are likely not the sole drivers of all these outbursts.

Changing advice about AstraZeneca

Dr. Horacio Bach, an adjunct professor in UBC’s division of infectious diseases, gave comments about NACI’s latest guidance on the AstraZeneca vaccine.
Global News Morning BC

How the pandemic has impacted treatment for stroke patients

Dr. Janice Eng, a professor in UBC’s department of physical therapy, discussed the GRASP program for stroke patients, and how she has adapted her program for virtual care.
Global News Morning BC

Concern over Alberta lifting public health restrictions

UBC clinical professor Dr. Amy Tan gave comments about protecting young unvaccinated children from COVID-19.

Adolescents' mental well-being should be a focus of public health, UBC researcher finds

A new study co-authored by UBC sociology professor Dr. Yue Qian found that adolescents who were in a good headspace before COVID-19 suffered a decline during the pandemic, whereas those with poor mental health fared better.
Vancouver is Awesome

Anti-China sentiment is becoming anti-Chinese prejudice in Canada

Paul Evans, HSBC Chair in Asian Research at UBC, says we need a higher degree of tolerance for differing views on how we navigate a new relationship with Beijing and protect Canada’s interests in the world.
Globe and Mail

It’s time to reconsider our role as fathers 

Dr. David Kuhl, a professor at UBC’s faculty of medicine and Dr. Santa Ono, president and vice-chancellor at UBC, wrote that simply showing up for our children might be the hardest thing some of us can do, but it is the most courageous and the most vital for their future.
Vancouver Sun

A history of getting hammered, and why some of us should keep doing it

The New York Times featured a new book written by UBC philosophy professor Dr. Edward Slingerland, about the evolutionary advantages and enduring benefits of getting intoxicated.
New York Times (subscription)