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Telescope detects hundreds of mysterious radio bursts from faraway galaxies

The CHIME telescope detected 535 fast radio bursts, the highest-ever detected in a single sky scanning, possibly emerging from young neutron stars present in the universe. Dr. Bradley Meyers and Deborah Good, researchers at UBC physics and astronomy and CHIME members, were quoted.
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Women’s Health Collective Canada is addressing the gap in women’s health

Dr. Lori Brotto, a professor in UBC’s department of obstetrics and gynecology, gave comments about the gender gaps in health in Canada.
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Developer pulls plug on Keystone XL pipeline

Dr. George Hoberg, a professor at UBC’s school of public policy and global affairs, discussed what the Keystone XL cancellation means for hopes of a net-zero future.
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Not just the pandemic: Why housing prices are skyrocketing, and what could come next

UBC sociology professor Dr. Nathanael Lauster gave comments about Canada’s boosting real estate prices and whether taxing is a solution.

We finally know what was sold in Wuhan's markets before the pandemic

Vice mentioned a study by researchers affiliated with UBCO, China West Normal University and University of Oxford, that looked into the range and extent of wildlife exploitation in Wuhan markets, prior to new trading bans linked to the COVID-19 outbreak, along with the poor conditions under which these animals were kept prior to sale.
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The destruction of the last old-growth forests has to stop. We must protect the mother trees

UBC forestry professor Dr. Suzanne Simard said the destruction of the last of the old-growth forests must stop and shared ways to restore our responsibilities to care for nature for future generations.
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It’s time for Canada to reconcile Indigenous ocean issues

Dr. U. Rashid Sumaila, University Killam professor and Canada Research Chair in Interdisciplinary Ocean and Fisheries Economics at UBC, co-wrote about his research that used commitments in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People to identify criteria for reconciliation and examined the degree to which progress has been achieved for ocean issues on Canada’s three coasts.
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How cities can avoid ‘green gentrification’ and make urban forests accessible

UBC urban forestry professor Dr. Lorien Nesbitt discussed the importance of urban forests and the risk of green gentrification.
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UBC hosts forum on anti-Asian racism in Canada

UBC is hosting a two-day national forum to address anti-Asian racism. The article quoted UBC president and vice-chancellor Santa Ono and history professor Dr. Henry Yu.
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