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A new report is the first to highlight gender-diverse youth in B.C. schools

New research led by UBC nursing professor Dr. Elizabeth Sewyc focuses on the experiences of around 1,000 youth who identify as trans, non-binary or gender-questioning. The report found that social supports like strong school and family ties protect these gender-diverse teens from the effects of bullying and harassment.
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‘Recipe for disaster’: Oceana Canada criticizes cod quota

National Observer mentioned a study from UBC’s fisheries economics research unit that assessed potential economic benefits from rebuilding fish stocks in Canada.
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America has a drinking problem

The Atlantic spoke to Dr. Edward Slingerland, a UBC professor of philosophy, about drinking in America.
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How to choose the right sunscreen for you, according to dermatologists

Dr. Katie Beleznay, a clinical professor in UBC’s department of dermatology and skin science, discussed the importance of protecting your skin from UV radiation throughout the year.

Why does anti-Asian hate exist in Canada? Decades of 'scapegoating, blaming’ has built racism into ’structure of society’, expert says

UBC history professor Dr. Henry Yu spoke about anti-Asian violence and said racism is about dehumanizing a set of people who you blame for problems that you are experiencing.

Continuing coverage on the Kamloops Discovery

Dr. Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, Aki-kwe, director of UBC’s Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre and professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law, gave comments about the discovery of the remains of 215 Indigenous children in a former Kamloops residential school.
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Mental health could be the 'echo pandemic' once the public health crisis eases

CBC mentioned research by UBC and the Canadian Mental Health Association that showed the suicide rate has remained stable through the pandemic, but the number of people thinking about suicide has increased.

'Game changer': COVID-19 pandemic may have lifelong impact for some, B.C. psychologist says

UBC psychiatry professor Dr. Steven Taylor spoke about feeling anxiety over returning to normal after COVID-19.

Young homebuyers tread housing tightrope

Dr. Tom Davidoff, a professor and director of the Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate at UBC, says buyers who are now getting into the housing market are typically not lower-wage workers—the ones hit hardest by the pandemic’s economic impact, who continue to depend on rental housing.
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Wine classifications are a strength for Bordeaux

Dr. Jacques-Olivier Pesme, director of the Wine Research Center at UBC, discussed wine classifications.
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Prepare for the worst: 10 steps to get ready for wildfire smoke

Dr. Sarah Henderson, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, shared 10 steps to help develop a plan for the wildfire smoke season ahead.
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