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What Blackout Tuesday can teach us about virtue signaling

Vice highlighted a study by Dr. Katherine White, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, on the nature of slacktivism.

Why protecting hummingbirds could help protect other species in B.C.

Research by UBCO biology professor Dr. Adam Ford found that the rufous hummingbird could be the key to protecting many other species.

How a student in Malaysia kept endangered langurs safe

UBCO biology professor Dr. Adam Ford gave comments about wildlife crossing structures.
Mother Jones

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Dr. Hani Faris, an adjunct professor in UBC’s department of political science, discussed the violence in Gaza and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
CBC On The CoastHal Anderson Afternoons (May 14 at 11 a.m – 16:50 mark)

Everything you need to know about sunscreen

Chatelaine asked Dr. Monica Li, a clinical instructor at UBC’s department of dermatology and skin science, about sunscreen.
Chatelaine via MSN

What introverts and extroverts learned from living through a pandemic

Dunigan Folk, a graduate student in psychology at UBC, led a team of researchers who evaluated introversion and extroversion in people before and during the pandemic.
NBC Today

Nurses’ mental health

UBC nursing professor Dr. Farinaz Havaei spoke about the mental health crisis among nurses during the pandemic and how close we are to a breaking point.
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After 14 months of COVID, B.C.'s reopening plan brings plenty of relief and plenty of questions

UBC professors Dr. Sarah Otto, Dr. Farah Shroff and Dr. Daniel Coombs commented on B.C.’s COVID-19 restart plan.
Otto: CBCNews 1130
Shroff: CBC On The CoastCBC
Coombs: Vancouver SunThe ProvinceCalgary Herald

UBCO research examining how pandemics impact the homeless

Dr. John Graham, director of UBCO’s school of social work, and postdoctoral researcher Dr. Jordan Babando looked at pandemic response and planning amongst homeless populations during the pandemic.

UBCO students collaborate with aerospace company

UBCO students will collaborate with Canadian aerospace company SKYTRAC in the fourth-year bachelor of management capstone course. Dr. Roger Sugden, dean of the faculty of management, was quoted.
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