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21 tips that improve your memory, according to doctors

Eat This, Not That mentioned a UBC study that found aerobic exercises can increase the size of the hippocampus, the part of the brain associated with memory storage.
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Angkor Wat had up to 900,000 inhabitants

An international team of researchers examined three decades of data to create a demographic model of the ancient Cambodian capital of Angkor Wat. Study author Dr. Sarah Klassen, who conducted most of this work while a postdoctoral fellow at UBC’s department of anthropology, was quoted.
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‘Drive very slowly’: UBCO research looks at speed bumps and pregnancy

Dr. Hadi Mohammadi, a professor at the school of engineering, was quoted about his study that suggests pregnant women or anyone driving with an expectant mother in the car should be slowing way down when they hit speed bumps to mitigate any risk.

City of Vienna a partner for Vancouver affordable housing building project

UBC’s Urban Innovation Research Group will study Vienna House to develop construction best practices and policy development.
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UBCO researchers join search for planets that can support life

New research led by Dr. Brendan Dyck, a professor of geology in UBC’s Irving K. Barber faculty of science, used geology of early planet formation to help identify other planets that might support life.

The gatekeepers who get to decide what food is 'disgusting'

UBC psychology professor Dr. Mark Schaller says it’s not an accident that minorities with unfamiliar customs can pique our suspicion, and our behavioural immune system, much like our biological immune system, is meant to detect danger.
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Why am I still embarrassed about things that happened 10 years ago?

Gizmodo asked Dr. Jessica Tracy, a UBC professor of psychology and a Sauder Distinguished Scholar, why embarrassment will get you, even years down the line.

Online campaign encourages Hong Kongers in Canada to recognize their identity in 2021 census

Dr. Leo Shin, a professor of Asian studies and history at UBC, commented on China and its supporters’ possible reaction to the official distinction between China and Hong Kong in census data.

From quartz to moldavite: do crystals actually work? Science says no

CBC Kids asked Dr. Melissa Lem, a clinical professor at UBC’s faculty of medicine, whether crystals have unique healing properties.
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Digital health shift has benefits but also privacy challenges

Dr. Victoria Lemieux, a professor at UBC’s school of information, gave comments about the shift to digital health care and security concerns.
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Rahul Gandhi warns Modi COVID will devastate the whole world if India doesn't introduce new lockdown

Dr. Amartya Lahiri, a Royal Bank research professor at UBC’s Vancouver School of Economics, was quoted about India’s vaccination rates.

B.C. health researchers call for better data in a post-pandemic world

Dr. Mohsen Sadatsafavi, a professor at UBC’s faculty of pharmaceutical sciences, discussed the lack of COVID-19 data collected and shared and how we should learn and be more prepared for the way we are tackling health problems through research.

4th wave of COVID-19 likely, seasonal return may be inevitable if Canada reopens too fast

Dr. Srinivas Murthy, an infectious disease expert and clinical professor in UBC’s department of pediatrics, commented on COVID-19 becoming an endemic illness and said this winter, regardless of where our vaccine uptake will be, there will be cases in our ICUs that will emerge periodically.

Canada’s vaccination rate is eclipsing the U.S. Experts say the comparison is complicated

Dr. Julie Bettinger, a professor in UBC’s faculty of medicine, says vaccine hesitancy is defined as when you have vaccines available and people choose not to take them, but up until this point, Canada has not had enough vaccines for everyone.

Vaccine passports: Nearly 3-in-5 B.C. residents support showing proof of shot for live sports, poll suggests

UBC medical ethicist Dr. Judy Illes says the idea of vaccine certificates is appropriate as long as the proper processes are in place so that people who should be checked are checked, and people who are unable to have access to vaccinations are not discriminated against.

COVID-19 vaccines are safe for children, but should they be getting the jab now?

Dr. Ran Goldman, a pediatrics professor in UBC’s faculty of medicine, was quoted about how he responds to concerned parents and adolescents about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.
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Most flights carrying COVID-19-positive passengers to Canadian airports were domestic

Dr. Srinivas Murthy, an infectious disease expert and clinical professor in UBC’s department of pediatrics, says the data indicate that COVID-19 variants have been brought to Canada on flights and across land borders, but now this is less of a concern given the prevalence of domestic flights with at least one infected passenger.
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In Surrey, B.C. COVID-19 hot spot, public-health campaign fights to get vaccine message out

UBC medical student Sukhmeet Singh Sachal spoke about his grassroots organization that aims to improve public health education in the South Asian community and counter misinformation that adds to vaccine hesitancy.
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Do you really need to mask up outdoors?

Dr. Steven Rogak, a UBC professor of mechanical engineering, says the decision about whether to wear a mask while outdoors is all about evaluating risk.
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UBC policy professor calls for politicians to take accountability for B.C.'s COVID data leak

Dr. Heidi Tworek, a professor at UBC’s school of public policy and global affairs and department of history, suggests it may be a good idea for politicians to address questions about the COVID-19 data leak.
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COVID-19: What's next as B.C. approaches 50 per cent of population with their first vaccination

UBC epidemiologist Dr. Daniel Coombs gave comments about how or when the province can return to normalcy and lift restrictions.
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COVID-19: Worried about having a baby? It might actually be a good time to add to the family

UBC sociology lecturer Dr. Robyn Pitman commented on having a baby during the pandemic.
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Who lives in Vancouver’s covid hotspots? Frontliners and minorities

Dr. John Paul Catungal, a UBC professor at the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, called for the collection of race-based COVID-19 data.
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Why some straight men have sex with other men

Dr. Tony Silva, a UBC professor of sociology, discussed his research that explored why men identify as straight if they have sex with other men, and why straight men would have sex with other men in the first place.
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UBC given donation of major Gold Rush archive

Media reported that a collection of books, pictures and archival material from the Klondike Gold Rush has been donated to UBC. Philip B. Lind, the donor and UBC alumnus, and university librarian Dr. Susan Parker were interviewed.
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New book celebrates 70 years of B.C.’s medical school

Dr. John Cairns, former dean of UBC’s faculty of medicine, was interviewed about a new book he co-authored on the history of the faculty and its survival against all odds.
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7th annual Indigenous art residency announced for UBC Okanagan

UBCO is hosting the seventh annual Indigenous art residency, which is a month-long program that offers courses, lectures, art shows and creative opportunities. Tania Willard, a professor of visual arts in the faculty of creative and critical studies, was quoted.

B.C.’s ‘world-class’ biotech sector plays key role in developing COVID-19 treatments and vaccines

UBC spin-off companies Acuitas and AbCellera were mentioned in an article highlighting B.C.’s biotech sector.
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‘Sick City’: What the pandemic tells us about our housing crisis

The Tyee spoke to Patrick Condon, a professor at UBC’s school of architecture and landscape architecture, about his book, Sick City: Disease, Race, Inequality and Urban Land, and the reaction it is getting.
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