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World Happiness Report is out, with a surprising picture of global resilience

UBC economics professor emeritus Dr. John Helliwell co-authored the World Happiness Report, a global survey of individual attitudes toward happiness. He said you aren’t traveling the world, but you’re more likely to have met your neighbours this year.
Washington Post (subscription)

UBC Okanagan professor suggests new approach to ‘limit disparities’ in forest-water research

Dr. Adam Wei, a professor in UBCO’s department of earth, environmental and geographic sciences, suggested a systematic approach to study the effects human and natural disturbances have on the forest-water supply. He is examining current forest-water research and management practices to identify gaps and propose a new approach.

Postpartum OCD more common among new mothers than previously thought: UBC study 

New UBC research led by Dr. Nichole Fairbrother, a clinical professor of psychiatry at UBC, found obsessive-compulsive disorder among new mothers is more common than previously thought.

Madjid Mohseni, the scientific director at UBC's RESEAU Centre, on World Water Day 

Dr. Madjid Mohseni, a professor and scientific director at UBC-based RES’EAU Centre for Mobilizing Innovation, has partnered up with an Italy-based symphony in a music video series that references climate change and its impact on water.
CBC On the CoastCICK News (7:15 mark)

Summerland maple syrup producer has his best harvest

UBC forestry professor Dr. Robert Guy gave comments about maple syrup.
Radio Canada

How to create an Indigenous child welfare system

Dr. Monty Montgomery, a professor at UBC’s school of social work, gave comments about finding the right people to work in the Indigenous child welfare system and the lack of federal funding.
The Tyee

Normal won’t feel like ‘normal’ for a while

Vice spoke to Dr. Stephen Hoption Cann, a clinical professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, about what transitioning back to normal will look and feel like.

'It's a careful balance': B.C. expert sheds light on when COVID-19 vaccine certificates could be used

Dr. Judy Illes, a UBC medical ethicist and professor of neurology, explained the ethics behind the idea of introducing vaccine passports for travellers.
CTV Morning Live

People with dementia experience more stress, loneliness during pandemic: UBC study

Dr. Julie Robillard, a professor of neurology at UBC, was interviewed about her study on the impact of the pandemic on people living with dementia and their caregivers.
Vancouver SunThe ProvinceCBC Early Edition

Pandemic’s psychological toll likely to soon lift

UBC psychiatry professor Dr. Steven Taylor says people underestimate how likely people are to return to pre-pandemic routines, but most people will bounce back from pandemic fatigue.
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Toxic bosses should be the next to face #MeToo-type reprisals

Erica Mildner, a PhD candidate in UBC’s department of sociology, discussed toxic workplace behaviours.
The Conversation via National Post

UBC professor's book about straight men who have sex with other men challenges traditional sexual identities

Media featured UBC sociologist Dr. Tony Silva’s new book and a UBC Q&A, where he explained differentiations about sexual behaviour, attraction and identity, and addressed issues of homophobia.
Georgia StraightNOW Magazine

UBC Asian Studies to hold webinar on The Deadly Intersections of COVID-19 and racial inequalities

UBC’s Asian Studies department and the Researchers and Academics of Colour for Equity at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies and Department will be holding a virtual panel discussion that will examine how the pandemic impacted racial, colonial and global inequalities
Georgia Straight

Young Richmondites help fundraise for cancer research

UBC student Caris Tin was interviewed about a virtual fundraiser she helped organize, which aims to raise money for cancer research.
Richmond News