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Doctors debate use of blood thinner to prevent clots in women after c-sections

U.S. News & World Report mentioned an article by Dr. Andrew Kotaska, an adjunct professor of epidemiology at UBC, arguing that broad heparin use may cause more harm than good.
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Let there be light! Why sunny spring days make us happier and healthier

The Guardian highlighted UBC psychiatry research that looked at the efficacy of light treatment in patients with nonseasonal major depressive disorder.

UBC Okanagan leads international diabetes research team

Dr. Ali McManus, a professor at UBCO’s school of health and exercise sciences, will be leading an international diabetes research team to accelerate diabetes research and improve the lives of those living with diabetes in Canada and the U.K.

Canada wastes 35M tonnes of food a year. This man is turning some of it into apple flour

Graham Riches, a UBC professor emeritus of social work, was quoted about how food waste is a product of a dysfunctional food system but it is often presented as an answer to food insecurity.
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Why some aren’t so sure farms are key to carbon offset plans

Dr. Sean Smukler, a professor at UBC’s faculty of land and food systems, says changes to more regenerative farming practices, or practices that enhance soil carbon and soil health, can significantly reduce or eliminate these soil emissions.
National Observer (subscription)

Variants could dash B.C. hopes for indoor religious services, experts say

Dr. Sarah Otto, Killam university professor in evolutionary biology at UBC, commented on whether indoor religious services will return in the coming weeks, and predicted that the COVID-19 variants would drive a spike in cases and hospitalizations in two weeks.
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By: Virtual Visits: Indigenous language reclamation during a pandemic

UBC medical ethicist says vaccine passports could be discriminatory

Dr. Judy Illes, a UBC medical ethicist and professor of neurology, discussed potential for discrimination with requiring proof of vaccination.
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Virtual Visits: Indigenous language reclamation during a pandemic

Dr. Daisy Rosenblum, a professor in UBC’s First Nations and endangered languages program and department of anthropology, discussed ways in which new approaches have expanded horizons for Indigenous language revitalization in the present and future.
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Only a handful of U.S. foundations quickly pitched in as the COVID-19 pandemic got underway, early data indicates

Rachel Bok, a PhD candidate in UBC’s department of geography, co-wrote about her study that analyzed U.S. foundations’ responses to the pandemic and the economic pain it brought on.
The Conversation

Shigella outbreak in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside 'a disease of destitution'

Dr. Ben Huang, a resident doctor in emergency medicine at UBC, wrote about the Shigella outbreak in the Downtown Eastside.
The Conversation via National Post

Bounty programs: Ineffective in the war on money laundering

Joven Narwal, an adjunct professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law, discussed how implementing an anti-money laundering bounty hunter program would be unfair and fundamentally ineffective.
The Conversation via National Post

'It's time we're at the table': First female First Nations surgeon on breaking barriers

Dr. Nadine Caron, co-director of UBC faculty of medicine’s Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health, spoke about her mission to improve the Canadian health-care system for Indigenous people, who have long suffered from racism and lack of respect.

UBC will host virtual spring convocation ceremony for 2021 graduates

In light of the current restrictions related to COVID-19, UBC will be hosting a virtual spring convocation ceremony for 2021 graduates.
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Author Robyn Maynard says Canada's political class is ignoring sea change in public opinion on defunding police

Georgia Straight interviewed UBC Connects speaker Robyn Maynard about defunding the police force.
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