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New sustainable materials for the future

UBC chemistry professor Dr. Zachary Hudson and Dr. Emily Cranston, a UBC professor of wood science and chemical and biological engineering, helped develop a new bioplastic resin designed to biodegrade in order to reduce microplastic pollution.

Why calling food 'ugly' makes us want to buy it more

Vancouver is Awesome highlighted a new UBC Sauder study that found consumers are more likely to buy unattractive fruits and vegetables when they are labelled “ugly.” Study authors Siddhanth Mookerjee, a PhD student, Dr. Yann Cornil and Dr. JoAndrea Hoegg were mentioned.
Vancouver is Awesome

New infill may bring a breath of life back to West Point Grey strip

Patrick Condon, a professor at UBC’s school of architecture and landscape architecture, gave comments about the Westbank project and spot zoning sites.
Globe and Mail

10 year anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami

Brett Gilley, a professor of teaching in UBC’s department of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences, was interviewed about the Fukushima earthquake and the Big One.
CKNW Back on the Beat (7:58 mark)

How can we make rent more affordable?

Patrick Condon, a professor at UBC’s school of architecture and landscape architecture, discussed non-market housing.

Why older people managed to stay happier through the pandemic

The New York Times mentioned a UBC psychology study that examined age differences in stressors and positive events during COVID-19.
New York Times (subscription)

Meet the scientists using TikTok to fight COVID misinformation

Bustle spoke to Dr. Anna Blakney, a professor in UBC’s Michael Smith Laboratories and school of biomedical engineering, who is using TikTok to help spread accurate info about the COVID-19 vaccine.

COVID pandemic women health jobs safety effects

Dr. Marina Adshade, a professor of teaching at the Vancouver School of Economics, gave comments about gender inequality and COVID-19.
Refinery 29

It's been a difficult year. But we're coping better than you might think, says expert

UBC psychology professor Dr. Elizabeth Dunn discussed her research that examined the psychological impact of COVID-19 and how people are doing one year into the pandemic.
CBC Current (audio 54:57 mark)

Burnaby company leads the charge to recycle masks

A Burnaby company that makes N95 masks teamed up with UBC researchers to figure out how each mask can safely be recycled.

Pandemic spurs students to develop innovative respirator

UBC mechanical engineering student Faheem Saeed led a team to develop a medical, full-face respirator that aims to help health professionals and travellers through the pandemic and beyond.
Glacier Media via Business in VancouverNew West RecordCastanetPrince Goerge MattersPrince George Citizen

Vaccine rollout: Are military leaders the right people for this job?

Dr. Mahesh Nagarajan, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, commented on Canada’s supply of COVID-19 vaccines.

Shigella outbreak in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside ‘a disease of destitution’

Dr. Ben Huang, a resident doctor in emergency medicine at UBC, wrote about the Shigella outbreak in the Downtown Eastside.
The Conversation

Canadian universities are offering so many free courses & here are 7 you can try right now

Narcity featured free online courses offered by UBC.