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Is our idea of who is ‘credible’ holding back women’s innovations?

Forbes mentioned a UBC Sauder study that found ideology is a key factor in determining how people assess the credibility of a scientific researcher.

‘People have a right to demand transparency’: reporter Sarah Cox on the Site C dam’s new $16 billion cost

The Narwhal mentioned UBC research that found Site C will have more serious adverse environmental effects than any project ever examined in the history of Canada’s Environmental Assessment Act.

International Women's Day: B.C. women, including small business owners, bear the economic brunt of COVID-19

Dr. Marina Adshade, a professor of teaching at UBC’s Vancouver School of Economics, spoke about her research that showed B.C. women faced far more economic hardship than men during the 2020 recession.
Georgia Straight

Fake news and conservation

UBCO professors Dr. Adam Ford and Dr. Clayton Lamb discussed their study that looked at how some scientists, advocacy groups and members of the public are destroying efforts to conserve biodiversity through their actions.

Study finds gas migration reported in 0.6 per cent of wells

Research conducted as part of UBC’s Energy and Environment Research Initiative found no statistical association between the occurrence of gas migration and hydraulic fracturing. Study authors Elyse Sandl and Dr. Roger Beckie in UBC’s department of earth ocean and atmospheric sciences were mentioned.
Alaska Highway News

Still a long way to go to achieve equity

Dr. Mary Chapman, a professor in UBC’s department of English language and literatures, discussed the evolution of women’s rights.
Radio Canada – Boulevard du Pacifique

Women still fighting double standards in 2021

UBC adjunct journalism professor Anu Sandhu Bhamra spoke about the double standard applied to women and how those in public positions are subjected to a degree of abuse and hatred.
Global News at Noon BC

Meghan opening up about mental health an important step to reducing stigma

Dr. Shimi Kang, a clinical professor in UBC’s department of psychiatry, commented on how the stigma around mental health struggles can be reduced by getting high-profile people to talk about them.
News 1130

Masimo monitoring solutions promote newborn and maternal safety

Dr. Mark Ansermino, a professor in UBC’s department of anesthesiology, pharmacology and therapeutics, says anemia is a significant public health problem, and having access to noninvasive hemoglobin monitoring can make monitoring during childbirth feasible even in low-resource settings.
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B.C. under pressure as U.S. EPA releases selenium pollution standard for water near Elk Valley coal mines

Dr. Richard Paisley, director of the Global Transboundary International Waters Governance Initiative at UBC, spoke about referring to the International Joint Commission, a Canada-U.S. body guided by the 1909 Boundary Waters Treaty, to help resolve transboundary water disputes.

Here's what we know about COVID-19 vaccines and children

Dr. Anna Blakney, a professor in UBC’s Michael Smith Laboratories and school of biomedical engineering, discussed herd immunity.
CBC via YahooMSN

Lockdown 'survival mode' leaves parents of young children struggling with mental health

CBC highlighted a study by UBC researchers and the Canadian Mental Health Association that surveyed parents throughout the pandemic to get a sense of COVID-19’s toll on their mental health. Study authors Dr. Anne Gadermann and Kimberly Thomson at UBC’s school of population and public health were quoted.
CBC via Yahoo

Drive to vaccinate B.C.'s seniors faces unique challenges

Dr. Mahesh Nagarajan, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, commented on some possible challenges around getting British Columbians 80 years of age and older vaccinated in the first couple of weeks.
CBC via Yahoo

Women leading Canadians through COVID-19 pandemic

Global News Hour at 6 featured Dr. Anna Blakney, a professor in UBC’s Michael Smith Laboratories and school of biomedical engineering, who is discovering new ways to make COVID-19 vaccines more effective and efficient.
Global News Hour at 6

B.C. COVID-19 vaccine booking systems overloaded with dropped calls and hours-long waits

Dr. Reid Holmes, a UBC professor of computer science, says managing COVID-19 vaccine bookings will only get harder over time as the number of those eligible for a jab grows and the more vaccines get distributed more quickly.
Globe and Mail

Initiative aims to address the gender inequalities of COVID-19 pandemic

Dr. Marina Adshade, a professor of teaching at UBC’s Vancouver School of Economics, says it is alarming that systemic reasons behind gender inequality have again been exacerbated by the pandemic, setting back much of the momentum women have gained to this point.
Daily Hive

B.C. COVID cases ‘persistently high,’ but no new restrictions

Dr. Jeffrey Joy, a professor in UBC’s division of infectious diseases, says despite the rapid arrival of vaccines, we still have to maintain other things that limit the spread of the virus.
The Tyee

UBC professor becomes massive TikTok star with hilarious vaccine literacy videos

Vancouver is Awesome spoke to Dr. Anna Blakney, a professor in UBC’s Michael Smith Laboratories and school of biomedical engineering, about how she is using TikTok to improve COVID-19 vaccine literacy.
Vancouver is Awesome

When will the Liberal government keep its promises on national pharmacare?

Dr. Bernard Ho, a third-year emergency medicine resident at UBC, co-wrote about the government’s promise on universal pharmacare.
The Star

Universities and colleges prepare for in-person education starting in September

UBC is planning for a return to on-campus activity for Winter Session, Term 1, in September based on current immunization timelines and vaccine approvals, and with strong and effective safety plans in place.

Screened out by a computer? What job interviews are like without human beings

CBC’s Cost of Living interviewed UBCO student Beatriz Gascon about her experience doing an asynchronous video interview for an internship.
CBC Cost of Living

Small island off B.C. coast returned to local First Nation

Radio Canada interviewed forestry professor Dr. Tara Martin about facilitating an agreement to transfer title for SISȻENEM island to the W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Council as an act of reconciliation.
Radio Canada

Health Canada awards $2.2M for program developed by UBCO

Health Canada has awarded $2.2 million to expand Nav-CARE, a program developed by UBCO nursing researchers and the University of Alberta’s faculty of nursing. Dr. Barb Pesut, a professor of nursing, was quoted.

B.C. woman's anxiety app featured in Apple's International Women's Day promotion

CTV featured UBC alumna Ania Wysocka, who developed a smartphone app to help people who experience anxiety and panic attacks.