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A Mediterranean-style diet could delay Parkinson's disease onset by up to 17 years, a new study finds

New UBC research found a link between eating a Mediterranean-style diet and delayed onset of Parkinson’s disease. Media stories quoted study authors Avril Metcalfe-Roach, a PhD student at UBC’s Michael Smith Laboratories, Dr. Silke Appel-Cresswell of the Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health and the division of neurology, and Dr. Brett Finlay, a professor in the departments of biochemistry and molecular biology, and microbiology and immunology at UBC.
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New study sheds light on the reproductive lives of honey bees

A study led by Dr. Alison McAfee, a biochemist at the Michael Smith Labs at UBC and postdoctoral fellow at NC State, looked at sperm viability and immune protein expression in honey bee queens.
Science Times

Washing your clothes can create Arctic microplastic pollution

CTV featured a study led by Dr. Peter Ross, an adjunct professor in UBC’s department of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences, that found polyester fibres are everywhere throughout the Arctic Ocean.

130 prominent Canadians defend John A. Macdonald's racist legacy in full-page ad

Dr. Daniel Heath Justice, a professor in Indigenous studies at UBC, commented on the statements defending John A. Macdonald and his legacy.

'He stands with the people': Why a small but fervent group of Canadians is rallying behind Donald Trump

Dr. Paul Quirk, a professor in UBC’s department of political science, says coming out to a protest march in Trump regalia is a way of thumbing one’s nose at all of the major Canadian political parties.
National Post

Rapid-testing project at YVR shows promise for future use in long-term care homes

Dr. Don Sin, a professor at UBC’s faculty of medicine, was interviewed about the COVID-19 rapid-testing pilot project at Vancouver International Airport.

What it will take to keep nursing home residents safe from COVID-19

UBC nursing professor Dr. Farinaz Havaei says staffing is probably one of the root causes of devastating outbreaks of COVID-19 in long-term care homes across Canada.

UBC Professor Kimberley Brownlee discusses the ethic around travelling during the pandemic

UBC philosophy professor Dr. Kimberley Brownlee gave comments about elected officials travelling during the pandemic from an ethical perspective.
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B.C. expecting millions of vaccine doses starting in April

Dr. Penny Ballem, a clinical professor of medicine at UBC and the current Vancouver Coastal Health board chair, will act as the executive lead on the province’s COVID-19 immunization program.
The Star

They're everywhere: New study finds polyester fibres throughout the Arctic Ocean

Peter Ross, an adjunct professor in UBC’s department of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences, discussed his study that confirms that microplastics are found throughout the Arctic Ocean and raises questions about the global reach of textile fibres in domestic wastewater.
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Learning management systems are more important than ever

University Affairs mentioned WebCT, a web-based learning management system that came out of UBC in 1996.
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Meet a young agrologist helping organic farmers with their green production goals

UBC alumna Amy Norgaard, who works at the Sustainable Agricultural Landscapes Lab, spoke about her current project and how COVID-19 has changed the way people look at food security.
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