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Missing your people: why belonging is so important and how to create it

Forbes mentioned a UBC Sauder study that found experiencing ostracism at work can lead to job dissatisfaction and health problems.

Pingos galore: Digital mapping project doubles known number of iconic Arctic 'ice volcanoes'

Ottawa Citizen highlighted renowned Arctic researcher J. Ross Mackay, a professor emeritus in UBC’s department of geology and geography, who identified and mapped many of Canada’s pingos in the 1970s.
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At the root of the opioid crisis is our belief that Big Pharma can cure pain. Can we kick that habit?

Dr. Martin Schechter, an epidemiologist and addiction researcher at UBC’s school of population and public health, says addiction should be seen as a fact of life and an illness, rather than as a moral failing.
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Renters across Canada are banding together to fight high housing costs and evictions

Dr. Tsur Somerville, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, gave comments about the impact of COVID-19 on renters.

Health authority declares two more COVID-19 outbreaks in B.C. long-term care homes

Dr. Roger Wong, a clinical professor of geriatric medicine in the faculty of medicine, says seniors are at an increased risk of getting COVID-19 when community transmission remains high even if care homes take all precautions.
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Ontario will now allow pregnant, breastfeeding people to access COVID-19 vaccine

Media mentioned a data analysis by UBC that found pregnant women with COVID-19 faced an increased risk of hospitalization.

How to prevent and treat 'maskne' and chapped hands during the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr. Monica Li, a clinical instructor at UBC’s department of dermatology and skin science, offered tips to prevent “maskne”, a type of breakout that results from wearing a face mask.

Morale at an ‘all-time low’: Post-secondary students grapple with COVID-19 fatigue

Global spoke to UBC students about navigating through online learning paired with social isolation and the ongoing COVID-19 fatigue.
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Ashcroft/Cache Creek residents wanted for mental health survey

Researchers from UBCO and Thompson Rivers University are looking for participants for their research study on the impact of climate change events and COVID-19 on mental health.
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Women take lead roles in India’s farmers’ protest

Sumeet Sekhon, a UBCO postdoctoral research fellow, co-wrote about the participation of women in farmers’ protests and how modern protest sites can be spaces of resistance and power as well as gender equity and empowerment.
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Housing, like beer, is better done in small batches

Scot Hein, an adjunct professor in the master of urban design program at UBC, wrote about affordable housing and diversifying home choices and styles.
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The U.S. Capitol raid was a failed self-coup previously seen in dying regimes

UBC political science professor Dr. Max Cameron discussed the storming of the U.S. Capitol and the assault on the constitutional separation of powers.
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