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How can B.C. improve its housing policies?

Penny Gurstein, a professor of planning at UBC and director of the Housing Research Collaborative, was interviewed about her new report on housing policy responses to COVID-19 and what changes need to be implemented.
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How spending money in these 10 ways will actually make you happier

UBC psychology professor Elizabeth Dunn says people who donate money to charity are happier in poor and rich countries alike.
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B.C.'s new cabinet will see fresh faces heading major ministries

CBC spoke to UBC political science professor Gerald Baier about the upcoming cabinet announcement that will reveal who will lead B.C.

B.C. court rules against women seeking to use late husband’s biological material to get pregnant

Jeff Roberts, a clinical professor at UBC’s faculty of medicine, gave comments about a widow seeking access to biological material from her deceased husband so she can have children.
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13 more people die of COVID-19 in B.C., as province confirms 738 new cases

UBC mathematics professor Daniel Coombs was quoted about the delay between new cases and hospitalizations.

Some coronavirus vaccines claim to be over 90 per cent effective. What does that mean?

Global spoke to Horacio Bach, an adjunct professor in UBC’s division of infectious disease, about vaccine efficacy.

Coronavirus: University instructor designs device to adapt face shields to baseball hats

Ray Taheri, a senior engineering instructor at UBCO, has designed a device that attaches face shields to baseball caps.

Monsoon Islam: Author Sebastian R. Prange traces the history of Malabar’s muslim traders

Friday Magazine interviewed UBC history professor Sebastian Prange about his book Monsoon Islam that explores the life and practices of Muslim traders who arrived on Kerala’s coast between the 12th and 16th centuries.
Friday Magazine

Emerging filmmaker Anna Shubina confronts and consoles her future self in new pandemic short film

UBC media studies student and emerging filmmaker Anna Shubina created a short video about her experience during the pandemic and to give people a sense of hope regarding the year 2020.

No one should have to become homeless to earn a university degree

National Observer mentioned a 2018 report by UBC and SFU students proposing zoning for student housing in Vancouver, to allow developers to build student housing below market price.
National Observer

Her university expelled her after she attempted suicide, saying she had an ‘inability to self-regulate.’ Now she is fighting back 

UBC president and vice-chancellor Santa Ono was quoted about the tension between traditional views on academic standards and an emerging recognition of the need for greater flexibility in supporting students with mental health needs.
The Star

Science and systemic racism

UBCO will host a panel of leaders from a top science publication and other scientific experts to discuss science and systemic racism at a webinar. Ananya Mukherjee Reed, provost and vice president of academics at UBCO, was quoted.