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The shocking reasons why thousands of young men are resorting to Viagra

Daily Mail mentioned a UBC medicine study that found men with erectile dysfunction have an increased risk for undiagnosed diabetes compared to those without.
Daily Mail

Slept too short? It immediately makes you emotionally unstable the next day

Scientias interviewed UBC masters student Jin-Hui Wen, who worked with Nancy Sin, a professor in the department of psychology, on a study about how poor sleep impacts our response to daily events.

Cameras show impact of recreational activities on B.C. wildlife

Media highlighted a new study by UBC forestry professor Cole Burton and Robin Naidoo, an adjunct professor in the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, that used camera traps to see how wildlife is affected by outdoor recreation in B.C.
CTVNews 1130

UBC Okanagan researchers look at when interval exercise can be beneficial

A UBCO study led by Matthew Stork, a postdoctoral fellow at UBCO’s school of health and exercise sciences, looked at when high-intensity interval training is suitable for exercise.

Western banks provide billions in backing for firms driving tuna species to collapse

Rashid Sumaila, a UBC professor of oceans and fisheries economics, gave comments about banks providing financial support for companies without taking care of ocean sustainability.

Meng Wanzhou returns to court as U.S. election looms and political pressures mount

CBC spoke to Michael Byers, a professor at UBC and the Canada Research Chair in global politics and international law, about the impact of the upcoming U.S. presidential election on the extradition process.

'Extremely strong concerns' over Russia's LGBTQ record as country bids on Arctic Winter Games

Lisa Sundstrom, a professor in UBC’s department of political science, was quoted about LGBTQ rights in Russia.

Wild maple tree species face growing threat of extinction, report finds

Douglas Justice, associate director of horticulture and collections at the UBC Botanical Garden, commented on the alarming loss of maple habitat in forests over the past few years.

Report highlights impacts of changing climate on B.C. Interior forests landscape

UBC forestry professor Sally Aitken spoke about forest management practices in the Douglas fir forests of B.C.’s Interior.
Postmedia via Vancouver SunThe Province

Where they stand: Fixing long-term care

Kim McGrail, a faculty member with the UBC Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, gave comments about long-term care facilities in B.C.
The Tyee

B.C. election: Hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots don’t have names, parties listed

Richard Johnston, a professor emeritus in UBC’s department of political science, spoke about blank mail-in ballots and the need for parties to make sure their voters know what to do.

Wilkinson promises to eliminate the PST for one year

Richard Johnston, a professor emeritus in UBC’s department of political science, commented on BC Liberals’ promise to eliminate provincial sales tax for a year.
Vancouver SunTimes Colonist

Unexpected election could bring unexpected results

Richard Johnston, a UBC professor emeritus in political science, says there is a pattern of front-runners losing ground, particularly where they take advantage of what they believe to be favourable polls to make a snap election call.
Business in VancouverPrince George Matters

Is Covid to blame for business closures or is it helping new startups? The answer is both

The Guardian mentioned a paper from researchers at UBC, Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Chicago that showed 52 per cent of startups have been either positively impacted by the pandemic or seen no significant impact.

New Normal: 15 ways cities can emerge better than ever after COVID-19

UBC architecture and landscape architecture professor Patrick Condon spoke about how the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated public health is tied to social equity much more so than density.

School cohorts are bursting social bubbles across Canada

Shimi Kang, a clinical professor in UBC’s department of psychiatry, says it’s crucial to embed the idea of adaptability into children’s lives during this time of COVID-19, and they should be open-minded about making new friends within their cohorts and maintaining old relationships.
Globe and Mail

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing how students cheat – and get caught

UBC mathematics instructor Elyse Yeager was interviewed about the honour system during online exams.
National Observer

COVID-19 notification policy

Charles Ungerleider, a professor emeritus in UBC’s department of educational studies, gave comments about COVID-19 notification policies in schools and advice for parents and educators.
CKNW Back on the Beat (0:58 mark)

Stop telling students to study STEM instead of humanities for the post-coronavirus world

Penney Clark, a professor in UBC’s department of curriculum and pedagogy, co-wrote about educational reforms and the importance of humanities disciplines in aspects of global competence.
The Conversation

UBC vows world-leading version of Indigenous integration

Times Higher Education interviewed Sheryl Lightfoot, senior advisor to the president on Indigenous affairs at UBC and Canada Research Chair in global Indigenous rights and politics, about the university’s commitment to making fundamental changes through its new Indigenous strategic framework.
Times Higher Education (subscription)

Vancouver startup brings big-data twist to craft of wine, winning accolade for co-founder

Postmedia featured BarrelWise Technologies, a company that was born out of entrepreneurship courses and the HATCH business accelerator at UBC. Co-founder Miayan Yeremi, a PhD student in UBC’s department of mechanical engineering, was interviewed.
Postmedia via Vancouver SunThe Province