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Researchers attach cameras to Pacific Northwest orcas, revealing a marvelous underwater world

Seattle Times covered a recent UBC-led research trip investigating the feeding habits of northern and southern resident killer whales. Co-lead investigator Andrew Trites, director of the marine mammal research unit at UBC, was quoted.
Seattle Times

We need to do science differently moving forward

Curtis Berlinguette, a professor in UBC’s departments of chemistry and chemical and biological engineering, and chemistry professor Jason Hein are co-leading Project Ada, a global effort to speed up the development of clean energy materials by developing self-driving laboratories.
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Will there be a twindemic? Fighting COVID-19 means fighting the flu

A survey conducted by Ran Goldman, a professor in UBC’s department of pediatrics, looked at parents’ willingness to vaccinate their children for flu season.
Ottawa CitizenVancouver SunMSN

Scientists warn that Indian, Pakistani nuclear plants could get wrecked by tsunamis

M.V. Ramana, a professor and Simons Chair in disarmament, global and human security at UBC, says siting nuclear reactors in areas prone to natural disasters can cause stresses on the reactor that could lead to some failures while simultaneously disabling safety systems.

Canadian province of British Columbia to hold Oct. 24 election

Professors Max Cameron, Gerald Baier and Richard Johnston in UBC’s political science department commented on the upcoming snap election.
Cameron: Reuters (US) via Yahoo (US)Reuters (India)Yahoo (India)Today OnlineNational Post
Baier: CBCSurrey Now-LeaderMaple Ridge NewsChilliwack ProgressAbbotsford NewsVictoria News
Johnston: Surrey Now-LeaderMaple Ridge NewsChilliwack ProgressAbbotsford NewsVictoria News

'Ecological anxiety' and the psychological toll of choking wildfire smoke

Michael Brauer, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, says summer now means a high potential for smoke, and buying air filters or purifiers and managing pre-existing respiratory conditions should become part of seasonal planning for families in B.C.

Vancouver climate champions and tree-planting goal

Media featured the Cool ‘Hood Champs program led by Stephen Sheppard, a forestry professor and director of UBC’s Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning. Sheppard also commented on the City of Vancouver’s 10-year tree planting goal.
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So there’s going to be a fall election in B.C.: has the NDP kept its environmental promises?

Sarah Otto, a professor in UBC’s department of zoology, was quoted about the need for a provincial endangered species law to protect and restore caribou and many other wildlife species.

Doubted and dismissed: COVID-19 'long-haulers' share their experiences

Christopher Carlsten, a professor at UBC’s faculty of medicine, spoke about his study that showed 75 per cent of people hospitalized in Vancouver for COVID-19 continue to experience symptoms more than three months after the onset of symptoms.

Rogers Arena's 25th birthday sparks memories from the past — and questions about what lies ahead

Aziz Rajwani, a professor at UBC Sauder School of Business, gave comments about the impact of COVID-19 on sports arenas.

How safe will this provincial election be?

The Early Edition spoke to Stephen Hoption Cann, a clinical professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, about the safety of holding the election during the pandemic from a public health perspective.
CBC Early Edition

Comparing B.C.’s COVID-19 communications strategy

Heidi Tworek, a professor of international history and public policy at UBC, was interviewed about effective COVID-19 communications and public health messaging.
Global News BC 1

Clinical trial applies COVID-19 challenges to well-being study

UBCO psychology professor Lesley Lutes is starting the 12-week clinical trial to examine well-being during the pandemic and how one’s outlook affects their mental and physical health.
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Many countries have it much worse than the soft-bordered Irelands with Great Britain at their cultural beck and call

John Wilson Foster, a professor emeritus in UBC’s department of English, discussed the different views on the partition of Ireland from Great Britain.
Belfast Telegraph

COVID-19 has shown us that science literacy is crucial to our future

UBC mathematics professor Alejandro Adem wrote about how science literacy can help us be better equipped to challenge disinformation and think critically.
Ottawa Citizen

Canadian universities accelerate collective climate action

UBC president and vice-chancellor Santa Ono was quoted about universities’ commitment to addressing climate change and the importance of coalitions to address a problem.
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