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Study finds children are more comfortable reading to dogs because they are less judgmental

CBS 3 Pet Project featured a UBCO study that found children who read to dogs are more motivated and engaged.
CBS 3 Pet Project

This 'Cold Tube' sucks your body heat to keep you cool

Media highlighted the Cold Tube project by UBC architecture and landscape architecture professor Adam Rysanek and collaborators. The team has developed an environmentally friendly cooling system that absorbs body heat and uses half the energy of air conditioning.
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Dangerous, difficult and disgusting — Tracking cougar kills gives insights into the big cats

Quirks & Quarks interviewed Siobhan Darlington, a UBCO PhD student and coordinator of the Cougar project, which is studying cougar kill sites to understand the role of human activity in shaping cougar distributions, behaviour and diet.
CBC Quirks & Quarks

What's behind the 'unprecedented' wildfires ravaging California

Simon Donner, a professor at UBC’s department of geography, spoke about how Canada is warming at about double the world’s average rate and what can be done to reduce the risk of wildfires.

Ready or not, here are the signs of a fall election in B.C.

UBC political science professor Gerald Baier commented on Elections BC and party campaign workers preparing for a potential election in the midst of the pandemic.

U.S. wildfires should serve as warning for B.C., says UBC forest scientist

UBC faculty of forestry wildfire expert Lori Daniels says B.C. needs to prepare now and with greater urgency for a wildfire season that parallels the deadly firestorm in the U.S.
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The Great Rethink: It's time to reassess how our provinces manage natural resource wealth

Werner Antweiler, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, commented on using sovereign wealth funds and environmental resource management.
Financial PostRegina Leader-PostMSN

Canada vaccine deals criticized as minister affirms support for equal access

UBCO nursing professor Katrina Plamondon expressed compassion and empathy for Canadian political leaders being expected to secure a vaccine for Canadians and trying to help ensure poorer regions are also served.
The Canadian Press via North Shore NewsBurnaby NowNew West RecordTri-City NewsTimes ColonistCastanet

Ask an Expert: Mask study

A team of UBC researchers led by Jane Wang, a clinical instructor in the faculty of medicine, and Steven Rogak, a professor of mechanical engineering, ran tests on the best mask materials for safety and comfort.
Global News Morning BC

COVID-19 is the worst nightmare come true for those battling OCD and hypochondria

UBC psychiatry professor Steven Taylor discussed key elements that may be present in someone experiencing COVID stress syndrome and said authorities must try to allocate resources for mental health interventions.
Vancouver SunThe Province

UBC demonstrates that we all have a role in upholding the rights of Indigenous peoples

Sheryl Lightfoot, a political science professor and senior advisor to the president on Indigenous affairs, Santa Ono, president and vice-chancellor of UBC, and Margaret Moss, a nursing professor and director of the First Nations House of Learning, wrote about UBC’s new Indigenous Strategic Plan. The plan aims to continue to advance the human rights of Indigenous peoples and put the UN declaration at the heart of the university’s mission and work.
Vancouver Sun

UBC's research community is a critical asset in confronting COVID-19

Gail Murphy, vice-president for research and innovation, says UBC’s research community is a critical asset in confronting COVID-19 across many areas and has positioned B.C. well to not only overcome the pandemic but to recover sustainably and equitably.
Vancouver Sun

How Canada could benefit from a carbon budget

Kathryn Harrison, a professor of political science at UBC, discussed the need for emissions-reduction milestones to keep Canada on a path to meet its long-term climate target.
The Conversation

Beloved interpreter breaks ground with first accredited sign-language class at UBC

ASL interpreter and adjunct professor in UBC’s department of linguistics Nigel Howard will teach UBC’s first accredited sign language course.

Masks will be mandatory indoors on all UBC campuses

UBC students, faculty, staff and visitors are required to wear non-medical masks indoors on campuses to help limit COVID-19.
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