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Think you’re making good climate choices? Take this mini-quiz

A study led by Seth Wynes, a geography PhD candidate at UBC, looked at how well people understand the carbon footprint associated with individual actions.
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What just one weight-lifting session can do for diabetes

A UBCO study led by Jonathan Little, a professor at the school of health and exercise sciences, examined the impact of a single session of high-intensity interval training on inflammation in people with type 2 diabetes.
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Stop counting your running mileage

Outside Online featured a commentary co-authored by Chris Napier, a professor in UBC’s department of physical therapy, that highlighted problems with only using running distance to quantify running training and the importance of alternative approaches to quantify and monitor training stress.
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More insights into the complexity of coral

UBCO biology PhD student Bruno Carturan co-created a video game-like simulation model to explore what causes some reefs to be more resilient than others.
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Vancouver's most bikeable and walkable areas also more dangerous

New UBC research found that neighbourhoods with high bikeability and walkability scores show higher crash risks to cyclists and pedestrians. The principal investigator Tarek Sayed, a professor in UBC’s department of civil engineering, was quoted.
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Closing Canadian fisheries would help rebuild stocks and lead to economic gains: study

A new UBC study suggests economic benefits of rebuilding several important Canadian fish stocks could outweigh the short-term losses. The study co-author Rashid Sumaila, a professor at the Fisheries Economics Research Unit in UBC’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries and the school of public policy and global affairs, was quoted.

UBC researchers, health authorities release tool mapping out health impacts of climate change

UBC researchers and health authorities created an online tool that measures how susceptible communities are to the effects of extreme heat, wildfire smoke, flooding and air pollution. The project lead Michael Brauer, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, was quoted.
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20 low-cost beauty options that work like name brands

Healthline asked Monica Li and Katie Beleznay from UBC’s department of dermatology and skin science about low-cost alternatives of skincare products.

Why scapegoating is a typical human response to a pandemic

UBC psychology professor Mark Schaller says the link between disease and blaming of groups from outside the country for the transmission of COVID-19 is rooted in evolution. Aversion to unfamiliar outsiders is an instinctual, unconscious response to avoid the risk of infection and it forms a “behavioural” immune system.

Breastfeeding during the pandemic: what we know and don’t know

Marie Tarrant, director of UBC’s school of nursing, was interviewed about her pandemic experience during her career and her research on breastfeeding and maternal influenza vaccines.
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Online dating: Humour matters more than ‘good looks’ but immigrants struggle with local jokes

Professor Yue Qian and masters student Siqi Xiao from UBC’s department of sociology wrote about their study that showed having a good sense of humour makes people more successful in online dating. It also looked at humour as a cultural divide between immigrants and people born and raised in Canada.
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Carbon footprints are hard to understand — here’s what you need to know

Seth Wynes, a geography PhD candidate at UBC, discussed the importance of reducing meat consumption, air travel and changing lifestyles on an individual basis to reduce carbon footprint and to increase support for tough climate policies.
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Tuition to remain the same at UBC despite online instruction

Matthew Ramsey, director of university affairs, and UBC Vancouver provost Andrew Szeri were quoted about UBC’s approach for the fall term and the tuition fee.
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