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This might be the best stargazing spot on earth, according to scientists

UBC astronomer Paul Hickson was quoted about his research that suggests the combination of high altitude, low temperature, long periods of continuous darkness and an exceptionally stable atmosphere makes Dome A a very attractive location for optical and infrared astronomy.
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Climate impacts on tropical fisheries may ripple across the globe

A new UBC study by Vicky Lam, Rashid Sumaila and William Cheung at UBC’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries looked at the impact of climate change on tropical fisheries, which could affect the sustainable development of both local economies and communities, and extratropical regions.

Cord blood offers hope for rare diseases and ethnic minorities

Postmedia quoted a UBC review article that mentions about 70 per cent of patients who need stem cells or bone marrow transplants have to rely on an unrelated donor to find a match.
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UBC Okanagan researcher says Canadians too dependent on imported foods

UBCO postdoctoral researcher Joanna Taylor was interviewed about food security issues in Canada. She said the pandemic exposed a further weakness in Canada’s food supply and as a society, we need to start relying more on ourselves and local producers.
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Antibody testing results are rolling in across Canada. Here’s what we’ve learned.

Huffington Post mentioned a joint study by UBC, B.C. Centre for Disease Control, LifeLabs and public health scientists that looked at the level of COVID-19 infections in B.C. using serology testing.
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Leaving big tech to govern themselves doesn’t work. They’re getting even worse

Heidi Tworek, a professor of international history and public policy at UBC, discussed the need for tough regulation of big tech and social media companies, and holding them accountable for how they affect the health of citizens and democracy.

UBC Museum of Anthropology exhibit aims to 'correct' colonial legacy

News 1130 featured the Museum of Anthropology’s exhibition Shame and Prejudice: A Story of Resilience, on Canada’s colonial history curated by artist Kent Monkman.
News 1130

New figures reveal the racial disparity in Vancouver drug charges

Postmedia mentioned UBC PhD student Ryan Moyer, who filed an FOI request to the VPD to better investigate the disproportionate impacts of punitive drug policy across different racial and ethnic minority groups.
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