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Kai Chan, a professor at UBC’s Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability and coordinating lead author of the IPBES Global Assessment, was interviewed about the global state of biodiversity and making transformative change.
IPBES Podcast: Nature Insight

UBC scientists develop new invasive species scanner

Media featured a rapid DNA test for invasive species developed by a team led by UBC forestry professor Richard Hamelin. The kit fits into a backpack and processes results in under two hours and can help stop pests from becoming established in forests, nurseries and farms.
Global News Hour at 6Radio CanadaMSN

How sustainable is B.C. seafood?

Murdoch McAllister, a professor at UBC’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, was mentioned for his work on innovations and management practices in place in B.C. that address stock management issues.
Vancouver is Awesome

60 things you didn't know about what makes your pet tick

Reader’s Digest asked UBC emeritus psychology professor Stanley Coren about the secret to understanding dog behaviour.
Reader’s Digest

Nuclear tests have changed, but they never really stopped

UBC anthropology professor Hugh Gusterson discussed nuclear testing and said weapons maintenance has superseded weapons development, and the show of strength implicit via nuclear testing has been replaced with soft power.

A scientist wanted us to stop flying. Just not like this.

Navin Ramankutty, a UBC professor at the school of public policy and global affairs and the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, spoke about being selective about flying and pointed out the focus on flying might put too much attention on individual behavior, deflecting it from the structural problems related to climate change.
Grist Magazine

Pushback against sexual harassment in the gaming industry grows with high-profile resignations

UBC education professor Jennifer Jenson says while CEOs of major companies talk about addressing the sexual harassment allegations by making fundamental changes, finding a way forward won’t necessarily be easy. Everyone has to start almost from scratch to create opportunities for growth and change that aren’t present.

Northern B.C. woman finds apple with split personality

Loren Reiseberg, a professor in UBC’s department of botany, commented on the half red, half yellow Pink Lady apple found in Northern B.C.
Coast Mountain NewsFree Press

Boosting our 'behavioural immune system' to beat COVID-19

UBC psychology professor Mark Schaller was quoted in a story on how COVID-19 is spreading. Schaller says that social behaviours that prevent the spread of pathogens, such as avoiding people who look ill, can help protect us from contracting COVID-19.
Psychology Today

B.C. aims to clear surgery backlog in 15 months if COVID-19 surge doesn't happen

Jason Sutherland, a professor at UBC’s Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, says staffing will be a key issue to catch up on cancelled surgeries and the needs of patients who are still waiting months for non-urgent surgeries should be tracked and met, including counselling for those who often suffer from depression.
The Canadian Press via Globe and MailThe StarTri-City NewsTimes Colonist

Coronavirus: B.C. restaurants tightening current guidelines

Srinivas Murthy, an infectious disease specialist and clinical pediatrics professor at UBC, commented on how fewer people are paying attention to the COVID-19 rules and said re-opening plans could be scaled back if B.C.’s infection rates continue to rise.

Why COVID-19 home testing kits aren’t available in Canada

Global quoted Peter Phillips, a clinical professor in UBC’s division of infectious diseases, about the accuracy of PCR testing.

Coronavirus: Do I need to wear a mask in the car with my mom?

News 1130 asked UBC medical geographers Ken Denike and Tom Koch about the correct protocol during COVID-19 when having others in the car.
News 1130

Filipinos in Canada report high levels of job losses from pandemic

UBC geography professor J.P. Catungal says for Filipinos in Canada, the consequences of COVID-19 are far-reaching since many financially support families and friends in the Philippines.
Vancouver SunThe Province

COVID-19: B.C bar and club owners call for co-operation in distancing as pandemic cases rise

UBC mathematics professor Daniel Coombs commented on the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases and spoke about contact tracing to get a handle on any growth even as numbers rise.
Vancouver SunCKNW Mornings with Simi

Hotel association calls for deferment of 2020 property taxes to help industry survive

Thomas Davidoff, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, says generally speaking, property tax breaks make sense to the extent that the government has slack in its budget and lenders should be involved in any financial rescue package as we want hotels there when the economy comes back.
Vancouver SunThe Province

Self-isolation plans offered at UBC, SFU, UVIC for international students, staff

Matthew Ramsey, director of university affairs, says UBC is offering a variety of self-isolation accommodation packages on a first-come, first-serve basis, to any members of the UBC community, UBC student housing residents, other students, faculty, and staff who need to self-isolate after arriving in Canada.
News 1130

Audain Foundation endows historical Indigenous art curator at UBC

UBC alumnus Michael Audain, one of the world’s premier collectors of northwest coast art, has donated $3 million to UBC to create the Audain Chair in Historical Indigenous Art. The gift, supported through the Audain Foundation, will be matched by the university to create a $6 million endowment. Dana Claxton, an Indigenous artist and head of UBC’s department of art history, visual art and theory, was interviewed.
Vancouver Sun, The Province