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Different wavelengths: Science finds hummingbirds see ultraviolet light invisible to humans

The Wall Street Journal highlighted a study co-conducted by UBC that found hummingbirds see an array of combination colours involving UV that humans are blind to. UBC zoology professor Douglas Altshuler was quoted.
Wall Street Journal (subscription)

Penguin research

UBC masters student of zoology Sarah Dier-McComb was interviewed about her fascination with penguins and how she became interested in marine biology.
CBC North by Northwest (2:08:05 mark)

The show that changed TV forever: 'Big Brother', 20 years on

Ernest Mathijs, a UBC professor in film and media studies, analyzed a television reality game show Big Brother.

Subjective journalism

Financial Post mentioned UBC journalism professors Candis Callison and Mary Lynn Young, who outlined a new approach to journalism where instead of business as usual, journalists need to learn to locate themselves in terms of their social histories, relations and obligations.
Financial PostMSN

Negative coronavirus test? Here’s why you can’t ignore physical distancing

Peter Phillips, a clinical professor in UBC’s division of infectious diseases, says a negative test is not something that should be changing people’s behaviour. It is something that people need to be cautious about because it can give a misleading, false sense of security.

Coronavirus: Is it pointless to wear a mask with your nose uncovered?

News 1130 asked UBC medical geographer Ken Denike if it is worth wearing a mask if one uncovers their nose for easier breathing. He said covering only the mouth helps prevent people from spreading the virus by coughing, but does nothing to prevent transmission from others.
News 1130CityNews

Threat of second wave elsewhere is major risk for B.C.

James Brander, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, says while not precisely in line, Canada’s economic performance is not far off from a one-to-one correlation with U.S. economic activity.
Business in VancouverVancouver is Awesome

When a pandemic hits, working moms pay the price

A new study by UBC sociology professors Sylvia Fuller and Yue Qian showed mothers have been more likely than fathers to lose their jobs during the pandemic and face greater damage to their future earnings.
The Tyee

Locking youth up after an overdose may do more harm than good

UBC nursing alumna Jessica Key co-wrote about B.C.’s plan to allow youths who overdose to be hospitalized against their will, and called for a transparent analysis on the risk and benefits of this proposed change.
The Tyee

Late UBC football player Kory Nagata ‘brought everybody around him up’

Media wrote a tribute to UBC Thunderbirds’ running back and Sauder graduate Kory Nagata who recently lost his life on the Fraser River when he entered the water to retrieve a football.
National Post, The ProvinceVancouver is AwesomeRichmond NewsVarsity Letters